Astrological Solutions: Balancing Your Love Life

In Love, Do Their Needs Matter More Than Yours?

When you love someone deeply, you see their greatness and their vulnerabilities. You are fulfilled by the notion that you can make them feel good and meet their needs. It’s enchanting, but it also makes you feel a little uncomfortable. Are you putting their needs before your own? That discomfort you’re feeling is the Universe reminding you to find the balance between a fulfilling love life and rich self-expression.

This year the sky offers a watery magical triangle. These energies are redefining who you are as a couple and as individuals. This past summer the watery flow became a complete triangle with benevolent Jupiter entering Cancer. Now you have the opportunity to find the joy of truly knowing the abundance that naturally circulates between you and others—a sense of real love and security. Your Sun Sign offers qualities to achieve that equilibrium:


You are feeling the “tug of war” between demands at home and career goals. While you can be fiercely independent, you are also extremely loyal. Your greatest tool this year for that perfect balance is innovation. Brilliant flashes give you the energy and guidance to be everything you can as an individual and as a couple.


Your lover tends to be “all over the map” with their needs, fears and drive for success. Happily, you are one of the strongest signs to ground and balance their needs with yours. When things get challenging, the wise support of friends and your own sense of self come through. In the end, both of you are posed to really flow and grow this year.

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As a “Gemini Twin” you were born balancing opposing thoughts, so you are a natural to integrate committed love with personal expression. You understand what makes your lover special and can put into words what needs to be done. Be certain that your gifts are recognized as well, and you’ll ride the wave to mutual success.


You are immersed in this year’s watery flow, bringing benefits along with a sense of being overwhelmed. You are keenly aware of your partner’s needs and can meet them. Just be sure to allow yourself a creative outlet and a way to pursue your education and spiritual interests. With generous Jupiter in your sign, this could be your year to succeed at both.


Your partner’s needs have been a bit disorienting for you over the past months. You are used to taking the lead and making them feel positive. But recently your partner’s career concerns and personal insecurities have made them hard to reach. Stay positive and loving, knowing that they’re bewildered by their own worries and know that this will all pass.


They’re enchanting, intriguing and sometimes frustrating to the point of being distracting—even with your focused, responsible nature. The best way for you to manage your situation is to be certain that you communicate clearly, and that you continue to seek your own dreams in the midst of their life.


Even though you are so relationship-oriented, lately you’ve had to focus on finances and your career. In fact, this is a time for you to shine. Since it’s against your nature to put yourself first, life is full of challenges right now. Keep your devotion to your relationship, but never lose sight of your career. You can have it all.


This is a passionate year for you in your relationships as well as your creative and spiritual life. You feel personally responsible for the well-being of your lover while knowing you must express your personal heart and soul. Integrate the two and imaginatively express both your love and you needs.


Your lover’s sexual and security needs are “in your face” at this time. So many elements in your relationship are in the process of being revealed that you need to be flexible until everything has surfaced and mutual healing can take place. You have truly innovative ideas about what can work in their world and yours, so just stay patient.


Your compassion for your partner runs deep and you are learning how to best express this. You’ve needed to constantly consider them and what they need while pursuing your career. Their life is full of surprises that offer opportunity, and you are the one who sees how to transform your lives into your dreams.

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Career, finances and your public image require your attention, but at the same time your partner is being overwhelmed by their dreams and the needs of a parent or home situation. You’ll find yourself offering a refuge to them, but at the same time you need to move forward on your own great ideas. As long as you share the same values, your relationship flourishes.


Your lover’s experiencing a spiritual crisis and looking to you for answers. While doing well on one level, they are having trouble feeling comfortable in their own skin. They may seem self-assured, yet they are really reliant on your loving touch and your wonderful romantic nature. Give yourself the creative outlet you crave and you can handle it all!

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