Do the Impossible in Eight Simple Steps

Plan on Achieving Your Dreams

You can do what’s difficult, the impossible takes a little longer. It’s absolutely true—what seems impossible may be within your reach if you focus your energy, hone your skills, and be ready to stretch out of your comfort zone. Here are eight simple and logical ways to achieve impossible goals without exhausting your personal resources.

1. Know What You Want

Write yourself an email describing the impossible something you want to accomplish. Define it. Describe it. Embellish it. Be very sure you know what you want. Don’t be vague and aspire to “doing something cool before I’m 40.” Nail it. “I’m going to be a passenger on a space voyage by the time I am 40.” Afraid to say what you want for fear of failing? Talk to Psychic Bailey ext. 5473 to clear away your fears.

2. Dream the Impossible Dream

Allow your imagination to visualize you doing the impossible in living color. Sit quietly, eyes closed. Put yourself in to a picture of your impossible success. See it in the sharpest possible detail. Stay with it until it feels like part of you and you understand what you need to do each day to move toward your goal.

3. Gather the Right Tools for the Job

Sharpen or acquire whatever skill set you need to get there. Example: See yourself as a successful brain surgeon? No problem, even if your high school grades sucked. But you can’t get there without medical school.

4. Write Down Your Commitment

The difference between a dream and a plan is the plan is written. Write a formal document describing your impossible plan. The document must address a specific timeline, preparation details, a full definition of the goal, and the benefits you will receive when you attain your impossible goal.

5. Walk a Single Step Every Day

Before you sleep each night, be clear with yourself about the single concrete step you’ll take tomorrow to bring you closer to the impossible. Like this: If you’re pining to be a circus clown, “Tomorrow I will enroll in the next session of clown school.”

6. Be Ready for Your Journey

The most successful people, those who know they will achieve the impossible, take good care of their personal needs. Attend to your body, mind, spirit, and emotional well-being so you’re able to finish your journey. Manifest a desire to struggle for what you want.

7. Ask for Help When You Need It

If you reach a stumbling block, never throw in the towel. Find a mentor. Find an expert. Find a trusted friend. A psychic adviser. Talk about your dilemma. Ask for help, evaluate the help or advice, and use what is of value. Don’t be afraid to alter your plan when you need to. Reached your stumbling block? Talk with Psychic Kim ext. 5512 who can clear the path ahead.

8. Recognize Opportunity and Success When They Appear

Eyes wide open. Ears in listening mode. Spirit willing to embrace change. If you are not paying attention and directing your energies into worthwhile endeavors, your golden chance may sail right by.

If you want to achieve the impossible, learn to experience your life from a new, more open and positive point-of-view. See opportunities in adversity. Jump on board when your dream comes true and be worthy of it. The real work is just beginning.

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2 thoughts on “Do the Impossible in Eight Simple Steps

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  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article !!!!!

    Many people, and I see this in my students from time to time, will do tip # 2…..but want to skip over tip # 3.

    Dreaming the dream is only the beginning, it takes dedication and hard work….time and experience to realize that dream.

    I’d say make sure you really know what you want first…AND WHAT IT, WILL TAKE TO ACHIEVE IT , be it training, tools, experience, etc., …..then go for it !!!!


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