How Men Show Love

Men don’t always show love by saying that they love you, but instead through their actions. Learn understand men and how to see these signs.

Learn His Communication Style to Keep the Relationship Strong

An expert on love and matters of the heart, Psychic Zora ext. 5349 is very tuned in to helping women understand the male mind. During a recent chat, she explained that women have to pay attention to how men show their love. Zora aims to inspire her callers and to guide them toward the right choices in their lives. “A good reading can keep you dancing,” she says. She connects with callers by listening to their voices. Check out her insights on better communication with your man to keep your relationship going strong!

Men Show Love Before Telling Love

“They ask, ‘Why isn’t he telling me he loves me?’ I say, is he showing you? A lot of times women want to hear it, but men will show it. Action speaks louder than words. I always say, the first sign of a womanizer is the silver tongue: ‘You’re a goddess,’ but he is telling three or four other women the same thing. Yes, some men in love do verbalize more. But most men, they show more.” Having problems seeing how he loves you? Let Zora tune into your relationship for deeper insights.

How Does He Show Love?

“A man shows his love by keeping track, calling you, taking an interest in your friends. Sometimes he seems a little nosy. Taking charge in matters: ‘If you have a problem, I’ll come and fix it.’ If he comes over to fix something, you know he cares. If you cry, he says ‘I’ll come over.’ When he takes you out, he wants to pay. He’s spending his time and money on you.”

Men Feed Off Your Positive Energy

“If you approach him with positive energy, he’ll start to express more how he feels. Ask questions directly about commitment, and he will put up walls. That will scare him a bit, especially if you haven’t been with him for very long.”

Zora continues, “Men do think a lot differently, and express themselves a lot differently. I’m able to get into their heads and show the caller what’s really going on, what they are really feeling. Then the woman feels less anxious.”

Keep Your Relationship Dancing!

“Don’t be negative with your partner, complaining, my life is horrible, etc. He wants to see your happy side. Men find comfort in women. Be upbeat and positive. That makes him want to keep coming and get that positive energy. He wants a woman who brings him up. You’ll find that makes him more positive. Men love women who laugh and have fun. Make them forgot about their problems when they’re with you. Of course, there are always problems in life, but the less you complain, the more you get with men.”

Zora also advises that “Men hate complaining about your looks. If they’re with you, they’re obviously attracted to you. The less you complain about weight and those types of things, especially in the relationship’s beginning, the better.”

“Another thing men love – find the most wonderful things about them and tell them that – your hair looks great, your eyes are beautiful – they want to know that their woman finds them attractive. You have to keep lifting them up.”

“Doing little things – it sounds old fashioned, but things like cookies, cakes they love little treats. The old saying is the way to his heart is through his stomach. That’s why men go to women, to find a mate who will heal him, mentally and emotionally, and give him comfort from the harshness of the world.” Confused where you’re relationship is headed? Let Zora tune into you, your partner and your relationship’s energy for detailed insights.

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9 thoughts on “How Men Show Love

  1. Max

    I am over 60 and my sex drive is more intense than ever. I meditate a lot each day.My experience is in lovemaking with a soul parner when I was younger that the was the orgasm was the important set goal. Now I find the I enjoy being close to my partner and cuddling for a much l Ionger time during lovemaking I can control when we will finish, the pleasure is intense and builds to a glorious peak I can hardly bear it

  2. Jo ann

    From my experience, I love the ideal of spreading my positive energy with my mate which is what I do most of the time but it would be good that we women get some positive vibes back from our male counterpart. If this doesn’t happen, in the long run our energy will be suck dry and it will make us feels that we are being taken for granted in the relationship.
    So I believe it should be a two way traffic.

  3. anjae

    love is hard to understand and hard to find. Guys ars so confusing, but they do try hard to make there chick happy, just sometimes the gril trys harder…when there is nothing left…people should only date for happens not to make others mad! but some times people do it and just hurt others….look for fun and happens and that is all there is to it…. date for happens not to make other jeoulsy becasue that just makes things worse for everyone.

  4. Marc from the UK

    HMMMMM several points of view here! What I struggle with is…………… Stereo typing! Men are labelled as just that men!……… and the women seem to have individuality as a woman! Come on girls, men are as different as women and as individual, The girls that have an opinion that seem that men are the problem in their happiness levels I would say you are achieving the same results from yoru relationships with men as you are not prepared to adjust your approach and levels of understanding about yourselve’s, remember you need to be comfortable with who you are and like yourselve’s before you judge others.

  5. jimmie wolf

    From a guys point of view .. how we think is not that hard to figure out. Speaking for myself and I think most guys that are honest want to feel as if we are the one and then we are willing to give all .. start showing up late and showing that a guy isn’t worth the time or tell those little lies and we know that you are not honest. How we show love is just like a woman shows It by doing for, supporting helping out with things that mater to the woman giving up our time to be with .. but love takes time just like trust they kind of go together .. if a man doesn’t feel trust he will never really love ………

  6. mags

    menn just want to get as they want it in their own premission,and women just have to accept that..or else no relationship,they want to play in the beginning,while we women we go in 100% at once because we use our feelings while men use their minds before feelings.that is why most relationships does not last long because the truth comes out right after they get us….most couples go in a relationship with the thinking that it can function..and the feelings for a woman is begun,so if they find out after a while that it is not functioning, the loser is the woman…….i wonder sometimes what menn really want in a one has a perfect relationshipokey chemistry plays high here but how long does it last…if we are only after that then all relationship ends no matter what then…it is only a question of time when or who leaves first..happiness is difficult to get thing i know all relationships starts good but ends always bad no matter why…..

  7. PS

    Good article however speaking from experience it is so energetically exhausting having a man feed off of your positive energy all the time. Definitely need to take time-outs so us women can recharge. What are the infinite possibilities of men creating their own positive energy just as women do? How amazing would that relationship be?

  8. suzanne

    Men as far as I can tell from your article are just as needy as women in relationships. What’s with all this ego boosting and coddling. Are we mothers as well as girl friends. You make them sound fragile and whimpy. Of course we would all love to have someone to elevate our moods and make us feel safe and wanted.
    As a women I am a fixer as well. It is not a mans domain only. Women fix all the time. Obviously, we need to fix their self image if they need all this cooing from us.
    From this vantage, the difference between us is really only physical. We just get the same needs met in different ways.


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