Divinity Means Waking Up!

Different people define spirituality and divinity in different ways. Many confuse it for religion. While the concepts can be related, they’re not inextricably linked.

For instance, a very religious person can simply accept doctrine, go to church and never look within himself. Likewise, someone with no organized religion can spend a lifetime spreading love, commune for hours in nature and endlessly ponder the organization of the universe.

Spirituality then, is not Sunday Mass, Daily Prayers or Friday Service alone (nor is it any specific religious practice – though that can be a part of it). Spirituality truly connects you to the world you live in and your version of a higher power and the universe. Some people define that as God, The Universe, Higher Power or Spirit.

Most people, even though they don’t know it, are asleep. They live in the world they’re presented with and don’t take the time to question what they see. If they do inquire about things on the larger scale, often they simply accept what they’re told. However, the seeker, by definition, delves within for answers. They learn that by waking to the beauty of the world around them (“the moment”), they create the world they want to live in going forward.

The difference between blind acceptance and true faith begins with exploration. Metaphysics is defined as “beyond physics” – in other words, beyond science. When we refer to things as metaphysical then, we could be referencing any number of areas: psychics, astrology, universal energy and more. All the things we know to be true that are sometimes considered beyond scientific explanation. We create our own realities, and those who are particularly tapped in – psychics – can even see them before they happen. We can too, if we learn to read the signs. That’s the whole idea. It’s the universe’s gift to those who pay attention.

How do you soothe your soul?

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