Discover the Real You

Who Are You Meant to Be?

“Who are YOU?” the Caterpillar asks Alice during her adventures in Wonderland. The bewildered, three-inch tall Alice can only respond, “I hardly know, sir. I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.”

Who hasn’t felt that way at some point? Life is constantly changing, and often we feel that we must change ourselves to adapt or fit in. How many times during a week do you “change hats” to fill different roles? There’s your office worker hat, your spouse hat, your parent hat, your good neighbor hat, your son or daughter hat, your party hat, your chores hat and your social network hat. But through all this role-playing, who are YOU?

Peeling Off the Layers

There’s a chance that the real you is buried beneath layers of who other people expect you to be. Perhaps you are a free spirit who enjoys creating some type of art, but the necessity to pay bills forces you to put on a business suit each day and go to an office job. Over time, that business attire starts feeling like heavy armor, and eventually it strangles you like a straitjacket. The artist you really are is still deep down inside you; you just need to peel off the layers covering it and set it free.

Your Perfect Day

Sit quietly and write a description of your perfect day. Psychic Donna ext. 9448 says, “Imagine what would give you great joy if you could do something with purpose every day (without taking into consideration any worry about money). Pay close attention to your gut feelings when you do this exercise.” No one is going to look at your description, so don’t hold back. Explore whatever puts a smile on your face or lifts your spirit. It’s okay if the description of your perfect day doesn’t happen often in your life right now—or maybe you’ve never experienced it. After you’ve taken the time to become aware of your passions, a door to your soul will open for them to come through more often. Relax and resist the temptation to analyze what makes you feel alive. Psychic Dylan ext. 5495 advises, “If we embrace life with enthusiasm, we will have the ability to actually create and fulfill more destinies than the single path we may currently be stuck on.”

Your Favorite Activities

If it’s difficult for you to organize your thoughts into a description of your perfect day, try just making a list of at least 10 activities that you enjoy. Then go back and look for patterns. For example, how many of those activities involve animals, children, music, solitude, the outdoors or food? If you see a pattern of similarities in your listed activities, then you are also seeing a portrait of the real you being revealed.

Who Do You Admire?

Finally, make a list of some of the people you admire. Then next to their names write down exactly what you admire about them. For example you might admire a favorite teacher from school because she or he took the time to talk to you about your problems or about your dreams for the future. You might also admire someone who accomplished success despite many obstacles along the way. Or you might admire someone’s talent in a specific area.

After you’ve completed this list, delete the names of the people you admire and just read what you admire about them. Then realize that those traits you admire in others are actually traits that you embody. Using the above examples, you would realize that YOU are compassionate, YOU are determined and YOU are talented.

If you feel unsure about revealing your true self, think about these words from Og Mandino, author of The Greatest Success in the World: “Does a pomegranate tree ever produce an orange? Does a lion attempt to fly? Only man, of ALL living things, foolishly strives to be other than what he was intended to be.”

Take steps each day to let your light shine. If not now, when? If not you, who?

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