How to be Charming and Make a Good Impression

Everyone knows that a first impression is important. There are many ways that you can influence the way you appeal to people. Some are very obvious and others have influences you may not recognize.

How to Make a Great Impression

Rejection is a harsh word. Not only does the “reject” portion make us feel like losers; the “tion” sounds a little too close to “shun.” Today, we’re going to talk about how you can turn a rejection into an invitation, by the way you follow up, and I’m not talking about begging and pleading! Here are the steps to regaining face, and making a rebound after any bad first impression:

First Impressions

Studies suggest that first impressions are solidified in the first few seconds of meeting someone. People like to think this is instinct, but in actuality, it’s based on appearance. However, if you blow it on the first impression, all is not lost. These same studies suggest you can overcome a poor opinion by allowing the person to get to know the kinder, more comforting, and approachable side of you. If you need more personalized advice on making a great impression, contact a psychic today!


If you have a beard—and it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman—you might want to think about shaving it off. Studies show that beards make just about anyone appear older and more aggressive—none of which will help you get (or keep) a first date. Research also suggests that women may actually prefer a man who proves he can grow a beard (has testosterone) by showing a little stubble. However, a full mountain man is rarely popular among the opposite sex (think of Brad Pitt and his Colonel Sanders look).

Surround Yourself With Beauty

It is a common belief that by surrounding yourself with beautiful friends, you are only making yourself appear more ordinary. However, in truth, it is quite the contrary. Studies suggest that when an ordinary woman stands among a group of stunning women, she too will take on their beauty. Even if you feel like you are as homely as a tree stump, the research claims men will automatically assume you have other beautiful qualities. So, no matter where you stand on the attractiveness scale, nuzzling up to gorgeous women will disarm and charm even the most discerning men. Having a hard time finding your confidence? Talk with Psychic Justine ext. 5402 to find out what’s blocking you.

Make Your Own Luck

A good majority of people unknowingly believe in luck. In one study, a group of participants were given a “lucky” charm before being told to accomplish a task. The result: almost everyone performed better in the presence of the charm. The form of a talisman can take the shape of a pen, golf ball, or even a person. Like luck, most people believe in romance, and the magic of “love at first sight.” They assume if a relationship is meant to be, it will unveil itself in a number of coincidences. This is how making your own coincidental moments can have a very powerful effect. Imagine casually running into your love interest at a concert (Hey, I didn’t know you liked Fraggle Rock!), or in the midst of one of their favorite hobbies (“Wow, how long have you been walking your pet rock?”). You can either leave love up to cupid and his plunger-tipped arrows, or create your own luck.

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Come on Baby, Make it Hurt So Good!

Men like to be punished before they are rewarded when it comes to winning over a fair maiden. In other words, men love it when they are forced to work to achieve a woman’s affection. It’s the standard love story, where the woman is cold to a guy’s advances. However, he is eventually able to overcome her reluctance and win her over. Guys love a challenge, and they ultimately like to feel special (as in being treated just a bit better than every other guy).


There is a reason that a huge number of marital affairs kicks off during a rafting trip or African safari when their spouse is nowhere to be seen. One of the most effective ways to disarm a man or woman is to put them through a dangerous situation. Any first impression that involves height, speed, or ferocious animals, will increase the flow of adrenaline in their blood, which they will associate with your presence. Adrenaline follows excitement, which is not far from the feeling of sexual arousal. Keep in mind, the activity does not need to be extremely dangerous to be effective.

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  1. marc from the uk

    You have to project yourself from within! So be happy, project from your heart and soul! Even when your feeling a bit down or lousy, PROJECT from within and you will feel the benefot of it!


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