If They Cheated, Why Do You Feel Guilty?

All the Guilt and None of the Responsibility

The signs are all there. He spends more nights working late. He suddenly becomes more concerned with his appearance. He barely says a word to you at the dinner table. You don’t make love anymore. His shirts smell like perfume, and it’s not your brand. Your suspicions are correct; he’s cheating. You confront him, and he admits to the deception. He packs his things and leaves. Now you’re free to meet someone who will appreciate you and treat you well. But you feel guilty. You tell yourself you could have done more, been a better lover or caretaker or been more sensitive to his needs. You feel like this breakup is your fault. Need help getting over a cheating lover? Psychic Indio ext. 5046 can see what good things appear in your romantic future.

Psychic Indio gets a lot of calls from clients who have had their hearts broken by a cheating partner, and are now feeling immense guilt. “They ask me why this person cheated on them. They say things like, ‘I guess I didn’t do enough,’ when they did everything. I go step by step with them, over their entire relationship and tell them they did wonderful things for this person. They did the best they could do, and if they didn’t reciprocate—that’s their issue.” Psychic Indio’s goal is to turn the blame (self-imposed) away from the caller and put it on the person who cheated on them. “They cheated because of things that happened to them, and they don’t know what appreciation is.” The caller soon realizes they have nothing to feel guilty about. If you’re feeling guilty over how you’ve treated a lover, call Psychic Indio ext. 5046 and she can help you make amends and get over the guilt.

Some callers begin to feel anger towards their cheating partner, once the guilt is gone. Psychic Indio can remove this feeling as well. She goes point by point over why the cheater is a cheater. She can read the cheater, discovering what exactly happened to them in their past. When she shares this information with her client, they hate the cheater less and they start to feel better. They realize that there was nothing they could do (or could not do) to prevent the cheater from cheating.

Being cheated on is, unfortunately, a common aspect of many people’s romantic histories, but for these same people, it is also a stop on the road to getting what they truly want—a deep and meaningful romantic connection. According to Psychic Indio, being cheated on (as well as other negative romantic experiences) “… is a stepping stone, and as ugly and as tearful as it is, it is preparing you to have this wonderful, spiritual connection down the road.” You can’t help that someone cheated on you, but you can help how you deal with it. Psychic Indio can give you those tools.

Good relationships take hard work, whether you’re searching for one to be in or maintaining the one you want to be in forever. If someone has cheated on you, ask yourself this question: Shouldn’t I be with someone who not only appreciates how hard I work to make them happy, but who also puts in an equal amount of work to make me happy, too? The answer to that question is always “yes.” If you are having a hard time getting to that “yes,” give Psychic Indio a call.

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6 thoughts on “If They Cheated, Why Do You Feel Guilty?

  1. dmarantz moderator

    @Chrissi, wow, there is a lot going on in your life! It seems like you are so many things to so many people (some of them less deserving than others…), but what do you do for yourself? Do you have any interests that you have been neglecting? Try getting back into them for several reasons. 1. It will be something that you are doing purely for yourself. 2. It will bring you peace. 3. It will serve as a distraction (albeit temporary) from the chaos in your life. Think about what used to bring you joy, and take it up again. If nothing comes to mind, try something new. Maybe there are some free, community classes you could take. You could take up painting, or even learn a new language. Anything to get you out of the house and possibly make new friends. If you need some guidance on this, I do suggest calling Indio. When I interviewed her, it was clear she has so much knowledge on this subject. She could really help!

  2. Susanne

    I was cheated on with my husband of twenty years. he discretely chased a different woman every three years or so and when I caught him he initially blamed me. Later he asked for my forgiveness for the terrible things he had done. He said he truly loved me the best he could and was going to cheat on whomever he was with and it was not my fault. I do believe that. I did everything sometimes too much. there were no tell tale signs because it was infrequent. So when I accidently found out, you can imagine the horror. we have 4 children and 6 grandchildren together. I felt so betrayed and couldn’t forgive him. We still talk and he asks for forgiveness for the betrayals. I however have moved on and feel so blessed because when I thought my whole life was over being a divorcee over 40. I met the most amazing man to share the second half of my life with. I do believe you can not change a cheater and it is mostly their fault. They choose to cheat rather than leave a relationship because they want to have their stability and their fun too.

  3. Angela

    This is definitely good to know because I was one being cheated on. I did find better love for myself this time around. I enjoy his honesty and geniuness in how he expresses himself to me. It makes me feel that there is still good men out there to have a rewarding relationship with.

  4. Chrissi

    my hubby didn’t only cheat- he fathered a child by his other woman- and left us having to live with his mum- who actually made friends with the other woman, and bought pretty clothes for the child- justifying it by saying that ‘she is my grandchild too’ We had to move back as where we had been living was tied to my job and because of all that hitting the fan I lost it- she worked for the same employer but kept hers and hubby got my old job- I maybe should have left him but I told him if he wanted to leave I wouldn’t stop him, he returned to me but even now 20 + years later-we are still living in his mother’s place- and truthfully at times I resent it I don’t get on that well with her and I want to modernise here- she won’t allow us to change anything, since his father died this place is stuck in a 70s time-warp, but she says if I change anything I’m destroying her memories, and I’d love to see a way out that doesn’t cause either problems hurt or pain for anyone- he’s had cancer since and may now lose his job as a result of the longer term damage he received- and he seems to need me to lean on, and his mother has been ill and has not recovered enough to go shopping so I do it with mine it really came to a head when my first ‘true love’ died and I literally fell apart but had to hold it all in to keep up for everyone else- (we’d split because he’d had a marriage made for him in India by his family ) but we had trouble keeping away from each other- I’d married my first hubby on the rebound, it didn’t work for long- this is my second- I have a son to consider too although he’s now 20, and as the only guy I would’ve wanted to be with is now passed on – I really don’t know


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