Debunking the Law of Attraction

Quantum physics loosely dictates that everything and everybody projects real energetic frequencies that move out into the universe. So we’re all like mini radio stations broadcasting our signals in small (and not-so-small) ways. People and situations that carry the same energy will tune their antennae into, and be drawn to us – for better or for worse. Do you truly believe this? I have some issues with thinking in this self-limiting, yet hyper-inclusive manner.

One, you become a public relations mecca. You’re only broadcasting good vibes to receive other good vibes. Thus, you’re not fully connecting to or sitting with your negative vibes. They remain trapped in your chakras, or within the recesses of your mind, causing suppression, repression, and future issues. Even if you attract or manifest the object of your desire, you still have a breadth of unresolved issues in your arsenal. They could become an impediment to manifesting success in future endeavors.

That said, check out this new book by  Sandra Anne Taylor.

In her book Truth, Triumph, and Transformation, Sandra highlights and delves into each and every fallacy written about the “Law of Attraction” – and she touches on a more evolved view about what this Universal Law is. Taylor provides guidance and perspectives to empower us to  change by using positivity or those positive vibes in a practical, grounded, and compassionate way.

Have you used the Law of Attraction? Does Quantum Physics present a better way to manifest your desires? Enlighten me!

11 thoughts on “Debunking the Law of Attraction

  1. Focault

    What does science tell about the Law of Attraction? It tells that LoA doesn’t work. Do you need a proof by scientific evidence? Read this:

    Just let scientists make their own work. For the sake of the truth, for the evolution of our species and our culture,please, don’t mix science with mystical woo.
    People, I will always save my emotions. i’ll never force myself to think positive. I don’t need it. I’ve always earnt by my mistakes and sometimes even sufference was a useful tool for improving my life. I’ll never kick off someone who have negative thinking. I won’t fear to be contaminated by negative thinking, but I’ll listen people and I’ll try to offer my help. I don’t program my brain, I just use my heart, in a natural manner. How dare can you struggle for discovering the right way to use LoA, while too much people are starving? Don’t be selfish. If you think that LoA is useful, then try to use it for knowing yourself instead of wishing a new car. My life is wonderful, my wishes are normal. Friends, I don’t need LoA at all.
    There’s nothing more natural than to stop for a moment, thinking that the little things are the most true ones and they remain inside you and make you feel the warmth, and that is the only reason to look ahead and understanding that after all the little things tell you what you are. it is fascinating to dream about a better life. It’s right to try and realize it, to not waste a second and feel that i am part of this world too. I say what i’ve always known: life remains the most beautiful thing i have.

  2. mooneyeshiraedd

    Has anyone read or watched What the Beep do we know! Its almost like the secret too! But a little better! True The Secret is plain for the masses it has reached a lot of people and I hope only for the better though! For people wanting to dwelve deeper into a vast subject it would be better to read more to understand the subject better here are a few recomendations The shape of Love by Masaru Emoto or Fraust in Copenhagen by Gina Segue. I couldn’t take a book perhaps and say that it is all good or all bad. Like a Paradox we take all in a inspire to be better although we are perfect just the way we are. Although the Secret is simple with a simple message does not mean that life will all of a sudden be easy as well. “The true hero is flawed. The true test of a champion is not whether he can triumph, but whether he can overcome obstacles – preferably of your own making – in order to triumph. A hero without a flaw is of no interest to an audience or to the universe, which after all is based on conflict and opposition the irresistible force meeting the unmovable object.” The greatest thing we have to overcome is ourselves we make mistakes and learn from them. Turning negatives into positives. May all of you blessed and see all that is around you to find your true joy!

  3. psha85

    So if the Secret did not properly teach the LOA then how does it really work? For example, i’m having some issues in my relationship right now and I’m trying to be positive and focus on what I WANT not what I DON’T want. But, of course, it’s very difficult to focus only on that when what I don’t want is in my face every day. How do I PROPERLY use the LOA to manifest what I want to happen in this relationship? Any suggestions?

  4. erhine

    How would you suggest as to my ladyfriend who had her 2 sons kidnapped then taken in a fixed case in Illinois.
    After he kidnapped the 2 boys she found out the guy who helped do research for book she ghostwrote was bf’s lover and befriended her during “so-called custody case” because suburban-bought police refuse to file charges. This Judge Ironic named Dungeon was tranferred from traffic to domestic the day before this trial began. Paternity was not established til a year after the case was fixed and the father was not listed on either birth certificate nor paid any support. Judge ruled that even though the paternal grandparents not established at the time had no right he awarded them custody “in order to protect the status quo” Her lawyer refused to call “old man” grandfather to stand he was 55 at the time and apologized telling ehr that their was nothing he could do as the case was fixed. They claimed she gave them away at birth though the father still lives with his parents and at least one of the boys. They did this for financial gain as they robbed her home prior to kidnapping her 2 sons while he recommended she go away to finish book and he would babysit. She children were baptized Christian Orthodox and he was Catholic and she regularly brought sons to doctor in city though none of that was allowed in court. She tells me that people strangers can cite this DuPage county case to steal someone children. It’s a modern more severe version of the Changeling true story. It true is disheartening that this did and could happen in our country. Thank you RJ Chicago

  5. diadriel

    One of the greatest healings I have experienced was the teaching “let go of the why; sometimes there is no why, it just is; learning to accept is the learning necessary to move forward and become more of a sacred human being”.

  6. Jacqueline

    You hit it right in the head Suzanne forgiveness is the key, letting go of resentments, anger, disappointments all the big “why” questions…..just let it go, it blocks all the good stuff from coming in.

    Writing down resentments can be helpful, when I wanted to attract a good healthy relationship I knew I had to change the kind of men that I was attracting so I started sending love and spirit talking to me ex’s telling them thank you for the experience and the lessons that I learned then I would imaging throwing a huge bright white light of pure love to them and then they would vanish I did this every-time they poped in my head, after about a week one of my ex’s called and said Hi just wanted to see if you were okay, and tell you that I was sorry for how the relationship went.

    Since then they hardly ever pop in my head, but I have found and married a fantastic man, so I’m a firm believer of only thinking about the positive in all situations as well as relations to avoid the road blocks.

    Funny thing about the road blocks is sometimes we can see what they are.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  7. Carmen Hexe

    I am with Verbena!

    I do believe in the Law of Attraction, but not in the way people interpret it. Sorry to say, but when I saw the video on “The Secret,” I got angry. Yet again, some self-proclaimed “expert” was blatantly misinterpreting and largely profeting, by misinterpreting one of the universal laws.

    Yes, let’s tell a person who has always been an upbeat, super positive and kind being that she attracted cancer! While I do believe that there are certain people who are so sick in their spirit and psyche that they do attract illness, or even cause it, to proclaim that everything bad that happens is something YOU did, is absolutely ridiculous and has nothing to do with the true law of attraction.

    And, in order to truly make the law of abundance or attraction work, some so called “negative” language is very necessary! This includes saying “I won’t.”

  8. Jacqueline

    Hi Suzanne,

    This is a very interesting article, I have been saying since the secret came out, that you have to be in the same vibrational energy of the life that you are trying to manifest, this includes letting go of all the ills that hold us back, all the anger, resentments, ego in many cases it is hard to see what the hold ups are.

    I have worked with many clients who call and say, I have been trying to manifest a new career or love interest, what is holding me back? I feel so stuck….. once we look at and work through the road blocks, or I should say the blocks from the past, I have seen so many times where you can have all that you have desired.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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