Balance Your Second Chakra

Continuing on our series about the second chakra, this is a guide to balancing your second or sacral chakra with proper foods, exercises and meditation. Try following these tips for achieving a healthy balance with your second chakra.


The element of the second chakra is water (flowing and fluidity). Liquids are the most important requirement for creating a healthy sacral chakra. Water, organic juices (or 100% juice), and herbal teas assist the body in cleansing and releasing toxins.


Exercises for this chakra involve working with movement of the hips and lower abdomen which will help open, stimulate and create the movement of energy through this area such as hip circles, as well as the sacred yogic path of Tantra. Massage, rolfing, reiki and cranio-sacral therapy, or working with a therapist are also methods in releasing repressed emotions which have a direct relation to sexuality.

Swimming, whether in a pool, lake or stream, as well as taking long hot baths, is also highly recommended, and puts us in touch with the element of water. This helps in relaxation of the chakra, and creating the fluidity necessary for developing the healthy expression of our emotions and sexuality.


Begin by drinking a glass of ice cold water. Experience its flow as it works its way down your throat, through your digestive system and entire body. Say to yourself, aloud or silently, “My body is sacred; my body is my temple. My body is made of life giving water and like water I too flow with the internal rhythms of myself and the cosmos.” You can create your own prayer as long as it includes your relationship and similarities you have with the element of water.

Next, create a sacred space by arranging the area around your bath tub or shower with your favorite candles, aromas and anything else that helps you feel comfortable, at ease and peaceful. You may do this meditation with either the lights on, or off with only your specially selected candles for illumination. When filling the tub with hot water, create mental images of positive events, situations, people and changes you desire to flow into your life. Gently focus your intention on sending this energy and mental images into the water. If you are a reiki practitioner, you can send this energy with your intention and symbols.

As you step into the tub, allow the sensation of the warm water to move from your feet, up through your legs, into your root chakra (located at the base of the spine), and into the sacral chakra (between the naval and genitals). Feel, and experience, the warmth and fluidity of the water flowing through the chakra, breaking up any blockages and emotional debris in this area. Ease yourself slowly into the tub, opening yourself to the pleasure and sensations as each body part becomes submerged. Take this time to sit and give yourself permission to drink in the bodily pleasure of the experience; imagine you are one with the water; that you have within you the same qualities as this element: fluidity and the ability to flow within yourself and all of life’s situations.

When you decide it is time to get out, do so slowly and deliberately, feeling the water drip off your body, imagining all the negativity being taken with it. Once out of the tub, look at the water, but this time think of all the negative patterns, habits, behaviors and wounds you would like to heal and change. Again, gently focus your intention on sending the energy into the water. Once complete, drain the tub; visualize and observe all the negativity slowly draining away with the water; draining from your life. May you embrace and flow with dynamic healthy change.

May you embrace and expand the richness and beauty of your sensuality, your sexuality and emotions. To work with this chakra is to honor yourself and another human being, together reaching for the expansion of spiritual awakening and fulfillment. May your journey be well.

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  1. Amy

    What a great exercise. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to do this, I will look forward to fixing my second chakra damage and I think this will help immensely. Thanks!

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