Torn Between Two Lovers

Despite all the articles I’ve written and read about love, relationships and empowerment, I still pine for my ex-boyfriend. I can’t seem to get the impetuous Aries, who I dated for three years, out of my head or heart. It certainly doesn’t help that we still see each other every couple of weeks – in a connection that has sadly been reduced to a booty call. That’s why I reached out to a psychic.

Meanwhile, I’d met someone in a work situation and he’d been a delight. He was spiritual and communicative, and while I was attracted to him, I kept comparing him to my ex. Something was preventing me from letting go. I wondered if I was addicted to my old love.

Being that I have excellent psychics at my disposal, I decided to reach out for some guidance and insight. I chose Shauna (ext. 9010) who is a master Tarot Reader, since she’s especially gifted when it comes to love and compatibility. I was excited to clear my confusion.

The soft-spoken psychic asked for my birth date and it wasn’t long before she got a sense of what was going on in my life. “I can see a lot of stress in your life right now and I see two men coming up around you. You reached your limit with one of the guys who must be your old boyfriend,” she stated.

I was impressed. I told her that it indeed was my former beau. She added that he was an angry man that knew how to push my buttons. Boy, was she right. She could see that he was difficult and emotionally unavailable. She also saw that there was a manipulative woman in his presence. I told her that he had a child and his ex-girlfriend was a sour woman who was happy I was no longer in their lives.

Shauna explained that I was still attached to him for two reasons. For one, we had a strong chemistry. The word steamy comes to mind. I am a Capricorn and he is a Ram. It was competitive and fiery. And despite all the hurt I felt, I loved touching him, smelling him, looking at him and feeling him. The pull was stronger than I am. Up until now, I couldn’t say no.

Second, Shauna felt that he’d come into my life when I needed him. Again, she was on the money. I had been hit by a car and had a metal rod in my leg at the time I’d met him. I had been mired in physical pain and he’d re-introduced me to pleasure. Out of fear, I had initially pushed him away. Eventually, he closed off to me and now he didn’t have the emotional tools to open his heart to me again. And, she added, he was always going to drink. In short, she said our time together was done. And that I was giving away my power by accepting less and less from him. He’d been the one who had pursued me, and now he didn’t even answer my calls.

As far as the other man, she saw that he wanted to be my knight in shining armor. I agreed. He was a kind and very giving man. I wasn’t used to that type of generosity – it was a complete contrast from my ex. He was patient and mature.

Shauna however, feared that he may be too amenable since she felt I did need someone who stood up to me. And while it was a good match, the timing wasn’t right. Here I was trying to choose one or the other and it was neither man!

After my reading, I felt a wave of relief cascade throughout my body. I knew that I had to stand up for myself and let go of my ex with love. It would take time and healing. I had to stop calling and reaching out. I had to heal my heart before I could be with anyone else. I needed a clean slate… time to myself before I could really fall in love again. And it wasn’t right to use someone else as a distraction. I needed to be alone. And Shauna gave me a spurt of strength in the right direction.

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