Dating Your Reflection

Relationships, especially romantic relationships give us a chance to grow immensely. As we open ourselves to intimacy it seems just then our demons rush out. Unconscious behaviors begin to erupt. Issues you thought you solved raise their heads again. Each relationship gives us the chance to see our own reflections and projections come to life.

Often, when we have issues with self loathing it appears in our choices in partners. Many of my clients are very hard on themselves. They do not accept themselves. They may moderately accept what they believe to be a positive aspect of themselves but rarely are able to accept their shadow side. Ever hear “opposites attract”? Opposites often do attract for the express purpose of learning and developing parts of your self that are under developed. For example, I had a client who was quiet and shy. She did not value this in herself. Therefore, she did not value this in a partner. She chose partners that were her opposite. She was also a quietly giving person who loved deeply. In her attempt to stay away from that “quiet, shy energy” she also divorced other parts of herself. She kept ending up with very chatty, superficial partners. In addition, often, they would criticize her for her shy behavior. She would accept this criticism because she did not love, accept or value this part of her personality. If she wasn’t emotionally beating herself up, her partner was.

Once she saw this unconscious behavior of choosing her opposite it gave her some space to learn and understand more about her “Introvert” personality type. I suggested she see a hypnotherapist to uncover and heal wounds she had from childhood that were spurring on much of herself worth issues. Once she began accepting herself as an Introvert and began valuing that part of herself she actually found that she was able to embrace her own Extrovert. Suddenly as she felt self acceptance she found that her choices for partners opened up. She found herself attracted to both Introverts and Extroverts. She found that she was choosing partners for different aspects then she was in the past. She did find love with a man who although was an Extrovert, also appreciated Introverted behavior. They found a healthy balance with each other.

Psychics often have the ability to see these blocks clearly for their clients. Once it is shown, however, it is then up to that person to discover further about themselves and seek additional forms of healing. Speaking to a psychic and becoming aware of the issue may be all it takes for some clients. Others should seek further counseling that addresses these subconscious belief systems and will allow them to let them go and live healthier lives.

Self acceptance and genuine self love will completely change a person energetically. They will find that who they are attracted to and those attracted to them will monumentally. Change the way you see yourself and others will too!

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