Your Daily Focus: May 25 – May 31

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Understanding Your Daily Focus

It’s hard to believe that the lovely month of May is closing down. This year has already shown that many magical things are happening around you and around the world. May has brought us beautiful Full Moons, meteorite showers, and delightfully warmer weather. Along the way, it has also created powerful insights for your continued evolution toward your dreams and aspirations.

This week’s Daily Focus is brought to you through a quiet contemplation that I experienced while sitting in the center of a labyrinth found in the mountains of Mexico. The energy of the Ancients filled every thought and every emotion in my being. In a single moment of time, I was shown many things, including that some of you may have become frustrated because your goals aren’t moving along as quickly as you’d like. My Guides chimed in and showed me that some of my dear readers need a rallying boost to get them back on track.

It’s completely understandable when you want to give up; we all have those moments. However, you have many wonderful discoveries waiting on the other side of the obstacle. It is time for you to re-dedicate yourself to your goals and watch what happens when you engage your talents and determination. You are a beautiful and unstoppable force!

May this week’s Daily Focus be as empowering to you as it has been for me.

May 25

“Keep going until your good is better and your better is your best!”

Many times, we, as mere mortals, tend to stop at our first “base camp” and forget about the summit. Life is lived fully when our grasp exceeds our reach. Without a goal in sight, many amazing talents are left to atrophy. The more often you utilize your gifts, the stronger they become and the closer you get to your goal.

May 26

“Don’t just promise something. Prove it”.

It’s easy to say you will start tomorrow. It’s easy to find excuses why you can’t make that goal happen today. If you want to be genuinely successful, get up and make it happen. Actions really DO speak much louder than words.

May 27

“Don’t downgrade your dream. Upgrade your conviction”.

When you feel as though you are “stuck in mud” and unable to move toward your dream, don’t accept where you are. You get what you settle for and you should never settle. If it isn’t your top goal, don’t accept it. Keep moving toward what you really want, and you will succeed.

May 28

“Challenge every limit you think you have. You’ll quickly see that they are not challenges at all”.

Many things appear impossible until suddenly, they aren’t. Thousands of people said that humans would never fly. Then we did. Millions said we would never reach the moon. Then we did. Your personal goals may seem lofty to some, but they are within your reach because they are part of you.

May 29

“All that comes to you easily will not last. That which is the hardest to achieve will be with you always”.

Some people choose the path of least resistance and they have pleasant lives. Normal, ordinary lives. As Thoreau so beautifully called them, “lives filled with quiet desperation”. If you want to have a life that is lived to its fullest, sacrifices will be made. Once you have cleared the challenges that required those sacrifices, you will have the life of your greatest dreams.

May 30

“Create the opportunity you desire”.

Opportunities are as much about dedication to the goal as they are about luck. When I started out to become a writer, I had no idea how I was ever going to be published. I’d pursue every possible opportunity to no avail. Then, one day, I was having lunch in a lovely hotel when I turned to the woman at the table beside me to ask her opinion on her meal. We began to chat, and she mentioned that she was a literary agent. In one moment, everything changed. Never give up.

May 31

“Go beyond your comfort zone. That’s where you find your destiny”.

Not everyone is cut out to be a professional psychic. Not everyone is cut out to be a marathon runner or a deep-sea diver, or any number of other things that require dedication and talent. But if you talk to ANY of the professionals you admire, you will see that the one thing they all have in common is the courage to go beyond their comfort zone. You have gifts that are hidden treasures yearning to be found and explored. Where will you go?

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