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I have used the lovely Hanson-Roberts Tarot by Mary Hanson-Roberts for our reading this week. I have a special fondness for this deck because I purchased it in the French Quarter of New Orleans, a VERY psychically infused place, during one of my recent trips. It was so exhilarating to stroll through the tables of Tarot Readers who arrange themselves on the square outside the old Cathedral and immerse myself in the ancient supernatural vibes of this place.

Moving outward through the centuries-old streets of the Quarter, I could feel the spirits of former times who still inhabit the area. It’s truly amazing how the traditional and the Avant Garde co-exist there. I was led to a small shop on a side street and found this deck. When I picked it up it was glowing with the energy of ancient Voodoo Queens who prayed to saints, angels, earth spirits, and their ancestors in equal measure. Let’s see what they have to tell us for the week ahead.

May 26th-Sunday

Day: The Emperor/Major Arcana/IV

The Major Arcana are the archetypal, never-changing truths of the tarot. They are the “big” energies that are life changing and evolutionary. Associated with the sign of Aries, this card speaks of authority that uses its power fruitfully and fairly. It is a day for vision and discipline in order to bring about a fresh rush of practical power to be used for the good of others. Because it was drawn upright, the highest energies of The Emperor can be expressed freely today. Instead of being controlling and miserly, it is a time to exude firmness with generosity. Accumulation and loving use of material wealth is our very reachable goal now.

Evening: Three of Cups, Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana refer to the passing moods and conditions of daily life. They can refer to specific persons or situations in our lives. The Cups suggest matters of the Heart. Happiness and sadness, friendship, romance and intuition are all spoken of in this suit. Water signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are associated with this suit because Water souls attract evolutionary lessons which are focused on these things. The image on this card depicts three women in a garden, dancing and toasting each other with wine. The three friends are celebrating a joyful event together. They are telling us to relax outdoors and enjoy the bounty of summer and the love of friends tonight.

May 27th –Monday

Day: Ace of Cups

The card for today is the Ace of Cups. Remember to give free reign to your creativity. It could be a bright beginning in love or in a creative project and will bring you lots of happiness in the future. The vibration of fertility is abundant. This could be on the mental, emotional, or physical level, or all three. Healing waters are flowing. Today is a time to let them in!

Evening: IV of Cups (Reversed)

The reversal of this draw is a gain if you take action tonight. You may have come through a period of confusion and stagnation and are now ready to adopt a new attitude. This card reversed signals a time of regaining forward momentum after feeling “stuck”. This could relate to a relationship impasse, a job, or a living situation that no longer works if kept as is. Make a new situation out of an old one tonight, or start something new. It will be worth it.

May 28th –Tuesday

Day: Knight of Rods (Reversed)

This card speaks to a misuse of fiery energy. If there is a person in our immediate environment who likes to pick fights, it reminds us to sidestep confrontations by allowing space for peaceful disagreements. An Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius native who is close by could be exuding these energies by expressing the less skilled tendencies of the fire element. There is little need for competition and confrontation if we remember to affirm the greatest good for all involved in every situation.

Evening: Queen of Wands

The woman with the cat snoozing on her lap is this Queen. Sunny energy exudes from her. Warm and magnanimous charm soothes and brings light to all. An Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius woman could bring new positive energy into our lives and affairs. She will show us the generous side of her nature as long as we let her give us her blessings, and we do not try to snatch them from her hand. She is telling us to contemplate how we can give and receive more love in all situations.

May 29th –Wednesday

Day: Seven of Swords

Be aware of the “third voice” in any partnership. Is it constructive and helpful, or is it coming from possible jealousy, snap judgment, or another hidden agenda? Honestly evaluate the true friends of your relationship, your success, and your health. Who are they, and who might be a negative influence disguised as a friend? Are they coming from a place of love or power?

Evening: Six of Swords

Someone is coming to transport you out of a difficult situation. If you release fear and accept their help, you will end up on new and better ground. This may relate to a change of location or of consciousness. The net result is the same in either case. An improvement will come if we let go and accept others’ help.

May 30th-Thursday

Day: Page of Rods

This little page is shouting out some good news. Make use of all legitimate information sources available. A lucky find will lead us out of a difficult situation today. The Universe is dropping messages galore, so keep your eyes and ears open. Sources could be as ordinary as the internet, a billboard sign, an over-heard conversation, or even a rock, a bird, or a tree. Source is infinite, after all!

Evening: The Fool, Major Arcana O

This card symbolizes the young at heart explorer that finds adventure with every new breath. His mind is open and fresh, but his knapsack holds the tools of life which he uses wherever he goes. Its energy is similar to the planet Uranus. It’s neither good nor bad, but it is sudden, sometimes shocking, and always brings change. It is up to us tonight to flow with those energies to create a good outcome using the “life tools” we carry with us.

May 31st-Friday

Day: Two of Cups

Even though this is a workday, romance is on the table all day long. A love relationship could be heating up soon. Venusian energy is flowing and eroticism is high. A decision toward more commitment may be made in a close partnership. Open the lines of communication, especially the wordless, telepathic kind; they are the most powerful. Come at this from a place of unconditional love, knowing that the greatest good for one is truly the greatest good for all.

Evening: Nine of Cups

A wish may be granted, and it may be one that we never even told to ourselves. The wine of joy will flow abundantly if we allow it to. Luck will increase proportionately with genuine gratitude. Our angels and guides will sing our names, conspiring for our highest happiness. It is a night to savor.

June 1st-Saturday

Day: Seven of Pentacles

Yes, you are working hard now, but it will pay off with patience and attention to detail. Feeling discouraged is natural in this situation but the light is going to break, and it won’t go on forever. Rest when you can and ask for the help that is close at hand. All will be revealed soon, and with it, relief and release.

Evening: King of Cups

A man of creativity and compassion will come to your assistance. This could be a professional person or a person of genuine good will. He expresses the better qualities of Neptune, king of the sea. He knows that beyond the ego level, we are all one. You will encounter a healer of mind, body, and spirit. He may be a discarnate spirit or an ordinary working Joe. Our healing always arrives when we are ready to receive it. Our thanks to the ancient Queens!

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