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The Power of Daily Focus

Greetings, gentle readers! Spring is here and 2019 is primed for another amazing and wonderful season! While April is known for Spring rains and taxes, it is also the month that welcomes the Lyrid meteorite shower. This month is a metaphor for finding something beautiful in the midst of some moments that might not be exactly what we desire. This week’s Daily Focus is focused primarily on helping you find the hidden moments of joy and positivity in a time of stress and division.

My Guides had a great deal to express regarding the connectivity of all life. During my meditation, they revealed a great way to “frame” experiences that do not line up with your current desires or goals. It’s like climbing a hillside to find a hidden waterfall; you will slip along the way, but each challenge makes the discovery of that waterfall so much more precious! In addition, when you slip, you will find beautiful flora and fauna that would most likely have been overlooked had your journey been easy. Also, you would not appreciate the goal as much as you will when you have overcome the perils of finding it.

Nothing can sum up a healthy life better than the phrase, “It’s not the destination that matters as much as the journey along the way”. If you find yourself having some difficulties finding the beauty in your life, or if you need some guidance and insight regarding any situation, please don’t hesitate to call us at California Psychics. We genuinely care about you and want you to live the fullest and most fulfilling life you can imagine! Many California Psychics, like me, are also certified Life Coaches, and can offer practical insight as well as psychic sight to the challenges that present themselves in your life.

April 6

“My life is a continual work of art. It is always evolving!”

When you think your life is not going anywhere, think again! You are in a constant state of mutability. The entire Universe around you and within you is continually changing. That’s its job. We are meant to change with every encounter. You are different from the way you were 20 years ago, and you will not stay the way you are today. Neither will your life’s journey!

April 7

“Self- discovery is the greatest discovery of all and only I can find it”.

There is a reason you are drawn to learning more about the way you perceive things or how your emotions stack up in comparison to others’ ideas or perceptions. Socrates is credited with declaring, “A life unexamined is a life not lived”. The discovery of your true self is the greatest adventure you will ever experience!

April 8

“If it is important, you will find a way. If it isn’t important, you will find an excuse”.

There is a big difference between a reason and an excuse. The excuse might be that the traffic caused you to be late for work. However, the REASON is that you stayed up too late and overslept. Excuses get you nowhere. Look at the reasons behind the result and fix it! It is crucial to have a balanced and responsible life. There is a great difference between guilt and responsibility. Ditch the guilt and accept responsibility for the good and the bad in your life.

April 9

“One does not improve their life through osmosis. You can’t read or buy your way into real, lasting improvement. Action creates change”.

Your life did not arrive at its current state without a great deal of change and adaptation. It is the dynamics of your life that take you where you want. It’s never too late to begin something amazing and today is a great day to begin.

April 10

“As long as there is breath in your body, there is hope and potential”.

When you think you have arrived at the pinnacle of life experience and wisdom, you will be immediately proved wrong. Life is meant to be a continual flow of encounters that produces understanding and acceptance. No one “masters” anything without a great deal of errors and improvements.

April 11

“The only person I should strive to be better than is the person I was yesterday”.

Self-righteousness and hubris (each born of the other) are deadly to a beautiful soul. Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to the person you once were. You will be surprised how humbling that experience can be and even more amazed at how it re-frames the encounters you have with other humans. Forgiveness comes easily when you see yourself as others have seen you. NO one gets it right every time.

April 12

“There is no quick fix to becoming an evolved and elevated spirit. It is a long and often arduous effort”.

Patience is a difficult virtue. It is especially challenging when it is aimed directly at you! No amount of purchases or social media “likes” can replace the warning signs presented to you through your own spirit. When you find yourself wanting to buy that “great deal” that is being touted on your 3 am television, you might need to check why you think you need it. More important is what you are doing up at 3 am! Your highest self is trying to tell you something important and it can’t be found from the outside.

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