Crystal Programming

For many of us, just having crystals around is enough. We intuitively select individual crystals and clusters whose energy already harmonizes with ours so they add sparkle and balance to our home or office environment. In that case, it’s very satisfying to simply appreciate them (so long as we regularly clear them of negative energy with salt baths, smudging or incense smoke).

However, if you’re interested in developing your spiritual energies, working with crystals can open your inner doors to limitless magical experiences.

The point of programming
Specifically programming or fine-tuning crystals allows you to direct a crystal’s energy toward specific tasks. For example, if you have a favorite crystal you wear a lot because you just feel better with it around your neck, you can enhance its influence by tuning or programming it to emit the energy of your favorite image, affirmation, mantra or prayer.

The exercises described in The Care and Feeding of Your Crystals are a fabulous foundation for the following more powerful crystal linking and programming techniques. You may want to begin by re-reading those for a refresher.

Getting started
You might already have a prayer, affirmation or mantra in mind, but if not, consider programming your crystal to emit or resonate to the affirmation “I am happy.”

Here’s how. After you’ve gotten to know your crystal, set aside time to sit quietly someplace you won’t be disturbed. Begin by doing the first exercise from Care and Feeding to build energy in your palms. Then, do the heart center energy-building exercise while holding your crystal in both hands.

When your ball of energy is ready, start repeating the words “I am happy,” over and over, until you begin to get an image in your mind, or a strong feeling, or you smell a fragrance or taste a flavor that your subconscious has provided as your personal symbol for “I am happy.” Once that picture, feeling or fragrance is vivid, place it in the ball of light in your heart center. When you feel the symbol anchored there, draw in an extra deep breath and then do a long, slow exhalation, while you imagine that you’re sending the energy and image out from your heart chakra, down both arms, through your hands and into the crystal. Usually you can feel the crystal’s energy pulse, and the energy will shift, almost like a “click,” when the program is anchored into your crystal.

Look for the final installment of the series, “Crystals: Finishing Touches” in next Wednesday’s newsletter (November 25th). In the meantime, learn more about caring for your crystals.

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