Crystal Power

As you know, we are energy as much as we are physical. Our laughter, our raging passions, the delicate flutter of our lashes and the powerful swing of a baseball bat, all of these originate as chemical or electrical impulses in the brain.

From time immemorial, ancient cultures have marked sacred sites and made sacred tools from crystal. This is possibly because the ancients recognized that crystal transmitted electricity and creates vibrations when exposed to a current. This is a vibrational response to electricity is why many quartz clocks or watches are used today. It’s probable that ancient mystics used their subtle awareness of crystal’s properties to “tune” ritual spaces and objects, and also to heighten the energies created there.

You, too can heighten your sensitivity and work on emotional blocks with crystal power. Here are some common crystals and their specific effects:

Empowers intuitive and psychic abilities as well as visualization. Helps to transform anger, nightmares, and irritability into spirituality.

Releases positive energies, creativity, joy and flexibility. Reduces fear, angst and a lack of harmony.

The red-orange tone of this gemstone corresponds to the lower chakras and helps with issues of survival, energy and sexuality. Benefits include increased drive and confidence.

This stone resonates on the mental powers, providing clarity in thought and emotions. Useful for developing self-discipline and beginning to let go of negativity.

The physical properties of coral correspond to the heart and the internal systems of the body. It increases both physical and emotional strength.

The hardest of minerals has the amazing property of magnifying emotional states both positive and negative.

This precious stone, more costly than diamond, resonates with the intentions of the heart chakra. Promotes feeling love, devotion and emotional balance, useful to dispel depression.

Highly prized in Asia, this beautiful stone encourages compassion, emotional balance and generosity.

The deep blue of this stone symbolizes spirituality and encourages it in the wearer. Useful for developing the intuition, and deepening your spiritual practice.

Famous for its ability to increase clairvoyance and concentration. Useful for the release of inflammation, irritation and depression.

Rose Quartz
This subtle and lovely crystal is useful to create compassion, emotional balance, and loving kindness. Its healing powers work on resolving painful emotions.

This stone that has long symbolized passion, unsurprisingly is powerful at magnifying and intensifying emotions both positive and negative. Especially useful when you need to increase courage and to endure and overcome difficult situations.

The spiritual properties of this stone help to develop the ability of clairaudience (hearing the voice of your Guide or Angel). Also creates a crystal clear mental clarity.

If you buy a crystal you should either bury it in the earth or cover it completely with sea salt. Both methods clear the crystal of energies of those who’ve handled it prior. After cleansing them, try and keep your crystals away from the hands of others.

In combination with meditation, crystals can help you become more clear and connected to your true self and life path. Plus they are beautiful to look at!

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