5 Things To Learn From Dogs

We tend to think of dogs as playful, fun pets. But dogs can teach us a lot about the most significant aspects of being human. Here are our top five tricks you can learn from your dog.

Dogs don’t worry about fitting into that perfect little black dress. They don’t stress about cellulite or bloating. Dogs see their bodies for what they are: a wonderful tool for carrying around their spirits. Dogs love food. From kibble to leftovers, dogs find simple joy in the tiniest morsels. We can learn from them that food does not have to be the enemy. Even if you’re watching your weight, take time each day to enjoy at least a sample of your favorite food. Smell it, savor it, indulge in it. Instead of feeling deprived by a diet, you’ll feel far more alive and ready to live a happy, healthy life.

Middle-aged dogs can sleep up to 16 hours a day. It may seem wasteful to spend two-thirds of your life asleep, but dogs understand the value of rest. While sleeping, our bodies rejuvenate and heal. Our minds address problems we can’t solve while we’re awake. Our brain chemicals replenish and our injuries repair themselves. While they’re awake, dogs are some of the most happy, energetic creatures on earth. We can be more like dogs while we’re awake by taking a cue from how they rest. Even if you can’t make time in your busy schedule each day for a nap, make sure you get full, restful sleep every single night. On the weekends, plan for more than activities – make sure you set aside time to just lay around, too.

Be merry
Take a dog for a stroll and you’ll discover it involves a lot more than walking. Dogs experience the world in a million different ways. They track a scent with their nose. Follow the flight of a bird with their eyes. Lift their legs to mark territory. Use their paws to dig into the earth. Roll their fur around in tall grass. Dogs are some of the most experiential creatures on earth, and humans can learn a lot from them. We tend to be jaded by the world around us, but if we see the world as a dog does, we can be reborn. Next time you step outside, try to capture the world with all of your senses. Sniff the air. Feel the ground under your feet. Savor the texture of the air on your cheeks. By exploring each day like a dog, you can see the world in a thousand new ways every single day.

Love with abandon
They aren’t our best friend for nothing. Dogs have an amazing capacity for love and affection. Even better, they tend to be amazingly forgiving creatures. Even if your puppy feels neglected when you go to work, as soon as you come home and pet her, she’s forgiven you. We can learn from dogs how to be more loving, sensitive people. Never squander an opportunity to tell people you love them, either through words or actions. Use a hug to show you really care. And always make time each day for cuddling on the couch.

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