Get Out of A Creative Rut

Remove What’s Blocking You

Have you been in a creative slump lately and just can’t seem to find a way out? Are you a creative writer who hasn’t been able to spit out a few words in weeks or are you a musician who hasn’t cranked out a tune in months?

Whether you are a painter, copywriter, musician or fashion designer, you know what a creative rut feels like and panic at the thought of experiencing a future one. If you have been suffering for some time with this type of artistic block, try these four tips. You may find yourself back at it sooner than you expected!

Get Out of Your Head and Back Into Life

Sometimes we get stuck in a creative rut because we are stressing so much about other areas of our lives. While this is perfectly normal and you shouldn’t live with your head in the sand or ignore responsibilities, there is a time to break away. The more you are analyzing and worrying about money, the kids, the mortgage payment, etc., the more you will find yourself feeling stuck. Your creative spirit needs time to grow and flourish. Take a step away from all of the stresses in your life and try living each moment to the fullest. The more you stay in the present, the more you will ease out of your creative rut. When we are always worrying about the future, our creative fire grows dim.

Huddle, Brainstorm and Write it Down

Sometimes the best way to get out of a creative rut is to get together with a group of friends or acquaintances that have the same creative interests as you. If you cannot come up with an idea, your friends might be able to help you out. They might have fresh ideas when it comes to music, creative copy or new designs. Make some time for this type of activity and brainstorm. Write down everything that comes to mind. One of the hundred ideas might jump out at you and get your creative juices flowing again.

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Keep Distracted, Keep Busy

The more you sit and wait for inspiration, the longer it is going to take to come to you. Don’t stop living your life because you cannot create. Rather, live it more! Get busy, be with friends and family, go shopping, buy a new pet or start a new hobby or recreational sport. Do whatever you can to avoid falling into the creative trap called isolation. Forget your writer’s block and get on with your life. You just might be surprised at how fast inspiration will hit you.

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Take a Vacation and Travel for the Mind

A vacation away from the daily grind can do wonders where creativity is concerned. Once you step away from everything that worries you, you will begin to relax instead of being so tense. Once the mind is relaxed, ideas will start popping up into your thoughts. Traveling can also offer inspiration because you are in a completely different location that may include new cultural experiences, excursions and off-the-beaten-path adventures.

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Use some of those technique to get out of your creative rut and back into a smooth flow of non-stop, creative expression. It may take a few days or even a month before inspiration strikes, but do not fret. It will come.

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