Connect With Your Body and Improve Your Day

Connect With Your Body and Improve Your Day

Happy Body, Happy Day

With a neverending to-do list and demands on all fronts (work, family, and even social obligations) it’s easy to get immersed in stress. And when we get stressed, most of us tend to disconnect from our bodies and tune out our inner selves. That’s no way to improve your day! A hectic and stress-filled life calls for exercises that ground us and help us regain our inner peace, and we should do these exercises regularly, everyday even! It’s about connecting with our bodies instead of detaching from them.

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In a typical day, you’ll go through a range of emotions and each of these emotions is an opportunity to connect with your body and improve your day. Here are four common emotional scenarios that may cause you to feel detached, and solutions that will help you ground yourself and stay connected.

1. When You Feel Bored
It’s easy to tune out the world when boredom sets in or while you’re engaging in a mindless task. From eating a whole bag of chips while binge-watching TV (How did that happen?!) or spending hours down a Facebook rabbit hole, feeling a sense of boredom can often compel us to engage in unhealthy actions, completely mindlessly.

When you feel yourself start to zone out and go into that autopilot mode, shake the feeling off—literally. Connect with your body and improve your day by putting on your favorite song and actually moving around. You can dance in your office at work (or around your living room) or even just tap your feet to the beat. If you feel compelled, you can even do a few jumping jacks or squats to get your heart rate up. Movement will get your blood pumping and make you feel more alive.

2. When You Feel Stressed
Stressful situations can often lead to out-of-body experiences. You may feel disconnected from the current moment and filled with regret  (“I should have…”). It’s possible your current stress could make you obsess about the future (“What if …?”). To connect with yourself in these instances, find your feet and feel grounded in the present. Move your toes in your shoes and consider the texture of your socks. Or take your shoes off and feel the sensation of your feet on the floor. Finding your footing will help alleviate anxiety, transport you back into yourself, and improve your day.

3. When You Feel Angry
During tense moments, many of us get heated and lash out while others go inward and retreat. With both reactions, however, you tend to disconnect from your true self and go into self-preservation mode. When you feel yourself stewing (or spewing out harsh words) stop and connect to your breath. If you’re in a situation with other people, excuse yourself so you can go decompress in another room. Getting in touch with your breath will reconnect you to your body and give you some perspective on the moment at hand as you cool down.

4. When You Feel Happy
While it’s important to reconnect to yourself in moments of stress, it’s equally (if not more) crucial to root down when you’re feeling elated. In your happiest moments, take a second to discover the sensations in your body—the feeling of your face when you’re smiling or laughing, the lightness in your heart, the weightlessness in your body—whatever it is you feel. When you connect to yourself in times of joy, you can better channel those positive bodily experiences in times of stress.

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