Psychic Q&A: Feeling Lost

Psychic Q&A: Feeling Lost

The Missing Piece

Dear Kallista,

My life for the last 10 years has been somewhat confused, chaotic, and I feel lost in my own thoughts. I don’t feel settled. I feel like something is missing. Maybe a puzzle piece? Maybe if I had that last piece I would be more stable with career, family, and friends. I have lost so much, including filing bankruptcy because I didn’t have enough funds to live on. Now I have a job I enjoy but I also feel like it’s draining me, and I basically work to make my car payments. I have very little entertainment and I’m also not sure where my love life is heading. Will I find the missing piece? Or will I continue to feel lost?


Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

My Dear Lolly,

Please know that the worst is behind you now. You have endured so much pain, struggle, and heartache, but this New Year will be much better for you.

When I tune into your energy, I feel the anguish and anxiety you’ve wrestled with due to past troubles. Anyone who has experienced the misery you have would feel the way you do, but you have already taken significant steps to alleviate your pain. You helped heal your financial distress by filing for bankruptcy—that set you free to begin again. I sense you are determined to make the most of your new beginning, especially with this job you enjoy. I understand that even a job you like can be draining, but that feeling will ease up as you bring much-needed balance into your life. Please bless every car payment you make, knowing that each payment brings you closer to the joyful gratification of paying it off and having a good car to show for it.

You may be glad to hear that you are not missing any pieces, and this lost feeling you’ve felt is on its way out now. The pieces you need are still there within you, though some of them have felt a little bit buried. You are unearthing them as we speak, which will relieve any sense of feeling lost and will indeed help you feel found again. One way to do this is to meditate more. Carve out some time each day to sit with Spirit and drink in divine love. You have many guardian angels looking out for you. Please talk to them and listen for their answers. You are desperately in need of positive spiritual feeding, and they will lead you to it.

It can also help to attend any regular gathering of like-minded folks who seek to give and receive loving and supportive energy to each other. It appears you are striving to release people who drag you down with their negativity and invite in friends who are positive, trustworthy, and caring. Know that good, loving people are seeking you too, just as you are seeking them.

It is very important that you decide upon and initiate a more balanced schedule for yourself that includes personal time—play time, rest time, time for the nourishment of soul and body, time for friends and loved ones, as well as work time. If you do this, you will feel an immediate shift that helps bring you peace and calm in your everyday life.

Your love life will improve too, partly because of your new resolve to take care of yourself first, and you will definitely see your money grow more abundant as the year goes on.

Wishing you love and joy in this New Year and always,


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  1. Hatidzhe

    I am trying to get closer to my kids even in different country where I am suffering
    I am confused, I was thinking I will be happy , now with them but I am still not,


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