Psychic Quinn: Confusion is the Key to Enlightenment

Confusion Leads to Understanding

Which way should I go? What should I do? How should I do it? Why are there so many options? I’m too confused to make up my mind! When it comes to your life, do you ever feel like confusion reigns over understanding? Well, that’s okay because confusion is often the key to enlightenment!

Call Psychic Quinn for help making your toughest life decisions!

People call me and say they are confused about life, their relationships, their money, family and friends. This is pretty common and we’ve all been confused about these aspects of our lives at one time or another. But, confusion is a sign of deep thinking and a baseline for solving your problems. If you’re never confused, you might not be a deep thinker. That’s okay for some people because they like to live a basic life of ease and security. This article is for everyone else! 

The Beginning of a Message

Confusion is the beginning of a message that is not always easy to see, but it’s on its way. Sometimes it’s just a matter of time before you receive the message. Other times, you won’t receive the message without the help of an outside source, like a psychic, therapist, partner or close friend, to help you see and understand the message.

How Do You Choose?

You have so many choices to make in life. Where should I go to school? Should I marry this person or wait for someone else? Should I rent this apartment or is buying a house a better option? What kind of pet should I buy? The list of decisions to make in life goes on and on, and the more decisions you have to make, with all the options that come with each decision, the deeper you have to dig into your psyche.

A Sign of Wisdom

If you feel confused and you acknowledge it, you should consider that to be a sign of wisdom. Feeling confused is actually a step towards making a decision, because making a decision is a process and confusion is a huge part of that. Confusion makes you explore all you options and once you’ve settled on one, you’ve decided and now you can feel balanced and calm.

Your Heart, Mind and Intuition

Do you listen to your heart? Do you let your mind guide you? Or, do you rely on your intuition? For some, the heart, mind and intuition play an important role in decision making, but for others, they only add to their confusion. Even as a psychic, I have had to rely on psychics and astrologers to get the answers to the questions or situations that confuse me, and that’s okay!

Let confusion be a guide to healing, happiness and successful conclusions.

I am here to listen and advise you when you feel the anxiety of confusion weighing you down.


5 thoughts on “Psychic Quinn: Confusion is the Key to Enlightenment

  1. cecil

    It’s not that people have options, who cares, what matters is that GOD gave us the ability to discern between right and wrong. And those that hear him and those that he cares for will be alright!

  2. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    Thank you all for your comments and questions.

    make a simple list of the options you have.
    put them in an order of most importance.
    there is a way to figure out what is best for you and how to get to your goal.
    only you can bring the decision to fruition.
    not doing anything leaving fate to have at it. one big decision is do you take action or let the action of fate take you?
    think on that and let me know how you do.

    I am so happy that you find our blog helpful. that is our intention and pleasure.

    there is saying that I hold dear – it is “no matter where you go there you are”.
    hide, run away, whatever you do you bring yourself with you.
    how can you heal from the inside?
    forgiveness goes a long way and perhaps you can find some love for yourself in your chi (flow of energy) so that you can take the proper direction and find your happiness.

    keeping everyone in my prayers.
    Buddha Bless,

  3. Randy

    Quinn I have been aquested of being a racist and with my own personal beliefs god knows no color. It cost me dearly for that even friends I was very close to. I have had to retire because of early dementia. This cost me everything I worked for my that was paid for my wife and now one by one my family its self. My mom is in critical condiction about to dye and its like now I have know where to turn. Confusion is good? I’m in a nightmare that gets worse every day. I want to run away. I kow you can’t help but know one person can save the world either, Its OK but I am looking for a place to just stay out of the way.

  4. Norine

    Every subject Ive read has been very imformative and what i need @ this time of my life! I havent called due to shortage of money. But my intuitiveness tells me, that is about to change, in a big way! One way or the other!! Keep the articles coming and may God bless us all! Norine

  5. Patricia

    I’m confused about moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia Because of my finances and lack of support I’m a receiving from my own family regard my special need child who I dear need help with. I’m looking for work and it’s difficult to find around my son school schedule what should I do go to HFX to were my son’s. Father is our tough it out and hope thing will pan out self out?


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