5 Signs He’s Into You

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out if a guy is interested in you or not. Yet, a lot of women waste their time guessing and second guessing a guy’s “real” intentions. Here are five no-brainers that show he’s into you.

He pays attention to you
As obvious as it might seem, there are still women out there who don’t understand the basic concept of what it means for someone to be “interested” in them. But if you slow down and think about it, it’s pretty clear: a man who is “interested” has an interest in you. He’s curious about what makes you tick. He finds you exciting. So if he really pays attention to you — calls you, sends you emails, asks you to hang out – it’s the first sign he’s into you.

He compliments you
Men are not known for being the most observant creatures. So if he mentions how cute your freshly-manicured toes are, it’s a good sign. If he’s bold enough to tell you how much he loves the little freckles on the bridge of your nose, it’s an even better sign. Sometimes it’s easier for a man to say, “I like your laugh” than to come right out and say “I like you.” But if he compliments any part of you, there’s a good chance he likes all of you.

He touches you
In elementary school, it’s the boy pulling your pig tails. In high school, it’s the guy starting a tickle fight. And as a grown-up, it’s the man at the bar who brushes his arm against yours as he flirts. When a guy goes out of his way to make physical contact with you, it’s a pretty good sign he’s into you.

He makes time for you
Men tend to organize their lives in compartments — work, family, friends — and there’s usually little overlap between them. If he starts giving you time usually devoted to the other aspects of his life, it’s a good sign that he’s into you. If he starts sharing those other aspects of his life with you, it’s more than a sign — the man is yours for the taking.

He tells you
This one may seem the most obvious, but at the end of the day, it’s the most important sign: if a guy can take a risk and tell you he’s into you, there’s a pretty good chance he really does.
Of course, if he’s only saying the words, and not showing you with actions, you’re probably right to question his intentions. A guy who’s really, truly into you will express his feelings through words and actions.

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