Enjoy a Joyous Earth Day Celebration

Today we celebrate and honor the very ground beneath our feet! There is a spiritual aspect of honoring the Earth, and there is also a movement to make changes to save the beauty, resources and beings that live on this planet, as well. Many of the religions of the world focus on honoring nature. Some of them are actually based on the seasons and cycles of the earth itself, and the belief that nature gives us guidelines for letting go, endings, grief, new beginnings, opening up, loss, death, etc.  I hear the words “There is a time for every purpose under heaven” echoing from the radio…

It is also a fact that each planet has an “energy” that may affect us here on earth. Just as the moon affects our tidal ways, and some believe our moods, so do the energies of the earth. Anyone who has climbed, sailed, hiked or gone on a cross-country ski trip knows of the power of nature. So today we honor the energies of the planet we live on, Earth (Mama Gaia).

Starting in 1970, on April 22, we have used this day to rally support and inspire action in the environmental movement. According to EDN (Earth Day Network), “More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world.”

What kind of things happen? Earth Day is about a lot more than just keeping the planet clean, it’s about anything that can affect our overall health and well being, from the buildings we work, learn, and live in, to hazards that may occur in the future. It’s a time to come together in communities, to find a way to put some thought and action into creating a more positive affect on our environment. Whether it’s promoting ways to go “green,” supporting measures to protect our air and water, or just making sure you recycle all that you can in your own home, we can each have an impact on this planet.

Today is the day we set aside as a deadline to actually do something. So if you’re looking for something to get you out of your own head for a while, or want to meet others who care about the Earth as potential new friends or lovers, today is the day to do it! Check out these websites for things happening in your area today!

• For events in your area: timeanddate.com (enter in “Earth Day” in the search prompt)

• To learn more: earthday.org (Earth Day Network), or www.eeweek.org (National Environmental Education Foundation)

• A resource guide: earthday.envirolink.org

• To find out more about Greenpeace go to greenpeace.org

The following companies are also a resource for information: Clean Water America Alliance, Woodland Trust, Peace Corps, Citizens network for a sustainable development, and Ocean Conservacy.

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