Cautious Optimism

Cautiously optimistic… sounds like an oxymoron, right? Optimism is about seeing the brightest outlook, turning a frown upside down and moving from tragedy to triumph. Being cautious is more about being tentative and restrained. So how can you attract what you want without being too optimistic?

Like many things in life, it’s all about balance. Too much (or not enough) of either can hold you back or set you up for a fall when life doesn’t live up to your pie-in-the-sky expectations. By practicing both caution and optimism, however, you can attract what you want while staying grounded in your present reality. The key is to not tumble too far down either path.

Here are some tips for attracting what you want with cautious optimism.

Get clear on what you want
Do you seek career success, luck in love, strong family ties, a life of travel and leisure? Whatever the case, it’s vital that you get specific about what you need in the present as well as setting intentions for where you hope to go in the future. Far from set in stone, these are meant to be loose goals that ebb and flow as life evolves. Think about your GPS system. It responds when you go unexpectedly off course by redirecting and re-routing you on an alternative path. The same is true with your individual goals and intentions. When something unexpected happens or even when you achieve what you’ve been aiming for and then it falls short, there’s no need to panic. It just means things need to shift, redirect or refocus. Stay open and flexible, always reassessing where you are and where you want to be. Read the signs and act accordingly. Keep your quest on the optimistic side of the fence because as we all know you attract what you ask for, if you’re negative in your pursuits then your returns will likely be negative, too.

To achieve you must believe
Seems obvious, right? Yet we often second guess ourselves by questioning what is possible and challenging our own worthiness. The answer is, yes you are worthy of achieving your goals — but in order to get there, you need to believe it. Truly knowing that you can accomplish the things you yearn for is necessary for one simple reason: if you don’t believe in yourself, it’s a stretch to think that others will. So put your best foot forward. Trust that success is possible and that you are worthy of it. And add in a small dose of caution. Surprised? Don’t be. Being cautious doesn’t mean disbelieving. Rather, it’s important to believe without hanging on to preconceived outcomes. Your results my take different forms than what you imagined. You can want to be a millionaire and go out and buy a lottery ticket. You know exactly how you will allocate the money once you win. When you buy ticket after ticket and don’t make your millions you give up all hope of ever achieving financial freedom. Step back and assess the situation. Things take time, energy and work. Are you doing all that you can to gain success or throwing darts up into the sky hoping that they will miraculously hit your target without any real effort?

Loving what you’ve got and where you are
Sure this sentiment is at the core of many self-help mantras – but that’s because it’s true. It is healthy to want the best, healthier to believe that you can reach that level of success, and good practice to visualize getting there. However, life evolves in unexpected ways. Translation? Don’t get too stuck in the tangibles. Truly relish the moments as they unfold, keeping a keen eye out for those happenings in your life that are leading you one step closer to achieving your wildest dreams. Keep a positive attitude and remember perseverance is key, but don’t crack all those eggs in your predefined basket. Expect the best while bracing yourself for unexpected tangents along the way.

Can’t have one without the other
Remember the laws of attraction and enact those principles regularly. Beyond just thinking your way to your goals, do the work that will open up your mind and heart to receive what life has in store. Stay optimistic and grounded in your pursuits, doing all that you can to reach for your stars and grab on to them. Meanwhile, enjoy the ride of your life. Doing so guarantees it will be a good one!

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One thought on “Cautious Optimism

  1. Nati

    I dont want my aunty to HATE me . If so, tell him he is ATTRACTING HATE from her. HOW? look at the sentence .is there any word LOVE in there??? No, so try fuoscing on what you want and NOT what you DONOT want.focus, MY AUNTY LOVES ME.SHE REALIZES MY RESPECT AND LOVE FOR HER. Law of attraction has a lot of stuff to take care of that is often not mentioned when people talk about it. That’s why it is not effective. till i write more on it, tell him that he will attract love when he asks for love. Avoid the HATE word please ;]


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