Saturn and Separations

I’ve noticed that transiting Saturn can either separate couples or bind them together. Saturn just transited into Libra recently, and two of my Libra friends have ended their long-term relationships. Interestingly enough, one Libra friend got together with his Leo girlfriend several years ago during Saturn in Leo. This influence indicated they had some karma to work out because Saturn rules karma. It also rules longevity. But now that Saturn is near his Sun in Libra, they’ve agreed that their relationship has run its course. I think their karma has been fulfilled. The other Libra friend just filed for divorce from her husband, who has Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra. This means that Saturn is affecting her Sun and his Moon. It’s also opposing his Sun in Aries (not fun!). They stuck it out through 15 years of marriage and have suddenly decided to call it quits. Saturn can prompt you to work things out with your partner if you’re meant to be together, or prompt you to go your separate ways if you’re not.

13 thoughts on “Saturn and Separations

  1. Confused

    I was and still Married (since 12.24.2008) to a Aries woman (3/24/71 Chicago Il, about 9:45AM (CST)
    Me 12/17/59.11:47:pm Detroit Mi (I live in IL, N/W of Chicago
    I married for love. After we got married She tells me that she married me to running away for her Ex (Baby’s Farther and a another short long distance relationship and she did not love her self. I was informed of this after we got married. I gave 115% and she left a came back for the 3rd time and, left again about a few days ago. I have lost everything I had because of my moral respect for marriage. Besides being broke one week of being evicted from my apartment, and feeling like a fool, but peaceful because I know in my heart I’m done????? .
    She always cry when we make love. (she claim that she is too hooked on are love making) and says that she convicted to stay and can not let go. married to me for a year plus and (Pulled by her family) of truly one sided experience. I met her in 2005 we broke up and made up 2 or 3 times.

    I’m not too proud to ask for advice.

    I always thought I had a discerning sprit.
    She will get a divorce and I can’t afford one to get me out of this nightmare. I work in the Health Industry and a Drummer, writer.
    She works as a MENTAL TECH 3 and has 5 years old, and 19 year sons.
    Her 3rd marriage. my First.
    I peacefully ask her to leave this time and she and I can go on separate ways.


  2. virginia

    hi – wondering what this may mean for me (virgo with scorpio rising, merc. in libra and taurus moon) husband of 33 years with four planets in
    cancer (venus, merc., 4th house, moon..) and also aries rising. lately, i’ve been wondering…..

  3. money

    Libra frilend got together with his Leo girlfriend several years ago during Saturn in Leo.
    what dose it mean.
    i’m girl, i like 2 have onely one (MAN)in my life ()longway end of my life.

  4. money

    Libra friend got together with his Leo girlfriend several years ago during Saturn in Leo.
    what dose it mean.
    i’m gairl, i like 2 have onely one in my life longway end of my life.

  5. Kanu Daniel Edwin

    My problem is how to get the best wife in my life, for I had marrid to different women and had one born with the same horoscope making things hectic or pleasant at the same time. Though we had no problem rather than my inability to live same place for long with her and the children. What i need now as she is also in suport is a woman to live with me as a real life partner and be joyous with all that had been with me. Am born on 16th August 1962 around 04.05 am in Sapele; Nigeria, please advice me.

  6. Harriet

    Very interesting to learn about the planetsheir influence and combine it to own life and its situations..

    Thank You for information!

  7. Fran

    Dear Miss Krystal,
    Your grandma is one in a million! I was so moved by your story. Like Cortney, it also brought me close to tears. A love like that is truly special, and will survive beyond the barriers of this world and continue on into the next one.
    We should all be that blessed.

  8. Cortney

    Hi Abigail, yes, I read progressed charts. I’m not sure that they’re more accurate as we get older, but they certainly offer clues about the direction our lives are headed.

  9. Cortney

    Krystal, my gosh, I’m getting tears in my eyes reading about your grandparents. That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever read! Thanks for sharing their story.

  10. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Love the topic Courtney! Thanks.
    I am very close to a few libra folks.
    My friend, who moved to LA years and years ago, a libra, just loved LA. One day, out of the blue,
    she decided to go back home to Southern Indiana.
    Everything changed overnight. She went back even to her old job, from ten years ago. She is happier now. I miss her, but I saw that she felt her life here in LA served its purpose. This happened in one day! Now I visit her in Indiana.
    My 100 year old grandma is a libra. She is ready to go home. she keeps telling me that “she has seen it all, nothing phases her.” She says, “Don’t cry for me, be happy for me because it is time for me to soon go to heaven.” Before my grandfather died, almost ten years ago (my grandparents were married for 72 years soul mates)he wrote my grandma a little note saying, “I have always loved you, and I will be in love with you forever.” Well, my grandma asked me to put that note in her hands, when she goes home, along with a red rose, as she wants to be holding the note and red rose when she meets my grandfather on the side.” Deep huh? I will do that for her.
    I have got to be happy for her when this happens. She is getting ready.
    Miss Krystal

  11. Psychic Amelia 9772

    It is important to remember that Saturn is “The Teacher”. So, sometimes a Saturn energy CAN separate couples and sometimes bring them together, as Cortney said. A separation usually occurs when the lessons have been learned and it is time to move on. If you experience a separation just remember that it is always in your best interest, though you may not know it at the time.

  12. Abigail Ext 9570

    Hello Cortney,
    I find this very facinating. My Sun sign is in Saturn(Capricorn) my rising is right on the cusp of Libra & Scorpio depending on what program an astrologer uses I’ve been told both, most say Libra. I’ll have to pay attention to what goes on in my world. An astrology question do you use a progressed chart? I’m curious if that in your opinion and experience to be more accurtate when we age? I’m not an astrologer but it certainly fascinates me. Being a sensor I’m like radar for energy shifts it never ceases to amaze me why I feel the way I do during the transits.
    Many Blessings


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