Can a Shamanic Trance Help You?

The Skills of the Shaman

One of my favorite things to do is take people through a shamanic trance. I have a close spirit guide named Sam. He’s a cutie! Long, brown hair and big brown eyes, about 5’9”, and athletic. He first started visiting me in my early twenties. (If you would like to try a shamanic trance with me and Sam, please let me know at the beginning of the reading. They can take some time to get through.)

Shamans and our guides travel through the lower, middle and upper worlds. I mainly focus on the lower worlds for my trances. I’d like to explain how I do this over the phone for any of you who are curious about trying this with me. First, my guide and I enter the middle world, which we perceive as a fog. The lower world then opens up to what I call your “realm” or “place.”

In this realm, Sam and I explore. The things we see vary vastly from one person to another. We often come across animal spirits, and occasionally, people or spirits in human form appear. The scenery is always different for each person. My hope is that in this guided trance, I will reveal a place which is familiar to you. I talk about the things we see during the trance and tell you about what Sam and I discover. We are always on the lookout for something unusual or that doesn’t fit. We examine these things and describe them to you while in trance.

The hope I have in doing the trance is to talk to you afterward. I will tell you which things in particular stood out to us. Things you should be aware of that shouldn’t be there or are problems. I hope you have some insights during the trance, but most likely, they will be things you reflect on in weeks to come after the trance.

I felt a calling from Sam to start offering these trances as part of my readings a few months ago. The goal is to heal areas in your life that need attention. If you’re interested in trying this, please let me know at the beginning of the reading. It takes about 5 to 10 seconds for us to enter the lower world and see your realm. From there, we describe what we encounter, then you and I discuss the discoveries of the trance and how they relate to your life.

I have a strong desire to help anyone interested in doing these trances with me and my spirit guide.

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4 thoughts on “Can a Shamanic Trance Help You?

  1. Ophelia EXT 5078

    Hi Julia,

    Sounds delightful! Sorry, I didn’t see this comment till now. He sounds perfect.

  2. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Thanks, Gina Rose!

    Julia, I love the guides and I think it’s great you have one you know who protects you. When you’re next quiet in your mind, talk to him and thank him. They love to be acknowledged and it will bring you closer together in many ways. You could even keep a journal where you write your thoughts to him. He’ll read them. You may find, over time as you write, you’ll “know” what he has to say about things and he’ll begin guiding you even more intimately.

  3. julia

    i have an angel / sperit guide named donivin (donny) he keps the shadows and gosts away from me and helps me fall asleep.


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