Broke But Not Broken

It’s All a Lesson in Compassion

I am an inspirational speaker, a spiritual leader, and a community elder that has been greatly tested to help over the years when I hear stories filled with loss and anguish. I have talked with survivors of all different forms of loss, and found that there are ways to look at your life that can help you to survive, help you to use that loss or pain to help others, or even uncover an even better path for yourself that you may not have ever known without that misfortune in your life.

Everything we go through, every pain or challenge, is a lesson in compassion.

We are more sensitive, more understanding human beings when we have the opportunity to learn to rise above a situation. I call that “wisdom.” This wisdom can help others; perhaps you can even help them to avoid that bad experience entirely. If you can turn your trial into a new start, you will be mapping out how to use these problem solving tools for your loved ones, your children, and even your community.

You can choose to be a victim, or a survivor.

That may seem a little harsh coming from this huggy earth mama, yet really, it is the turning point in every successful life, and by successful, I mean, happy! We can and do find happiness even without that house, car, job, boyfriend or wife, or even more severe losses of a physical nature such as sight, speech, or amputation. I am grateful for those challenges in my life as they brought me to a much better place than all the “things” I had decided I needed to be happy; change your perception if you cannot change the reality.

What you believe, what you decide is important and will shape your life. We do it every day, in fact, thousands of times a day; we place a “value” on things in our life. We tell ourselves we will just “die” if we lose “this thing.” We say that we are “failures” if we are unable to get “that thing” by a certain date. We set ridiculous standards for our joy and happiness that have nothing to do with what really makes us happy!

So we need to remember the innocence of childhood before we “decided” what was of value. Do you remember the absolute joy of laying in the grass looking up at the stars? How about how good hugs feel when you’ve had a rough day? The value of holding a sleeping child in your arms is not made better by tailor-made pajamas! Our own mind decided success had a dollar value, instead of how much love and joy we can share and experience.

It’s time to “reboot”, to go back to that innocence, no matter what damages or events have happened to you in childhood, or in your adult life… you can find the natural center of innocence and start over. What do you really want to value in this lifetime?

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6 thoughts on “Broke But Not Broken

  1. Glenna ext. 5418

    Thanks for your compassion, insight, and reminder Yemaya! It’s easy to get bogged down by events, believing they are life’s truth. Thanks for the wake up call reminding me that it’s what we believe that shapes our lives. When things seem out of control, we can still choose our thoughts and attitudes……and be in gratitude for the experience.

  2. Patricia

    I could not agree more. Having experienced the other side of home, white picket fence and abuse in every form. I made a decision to find my happiness,,,,, a small very modest home, and my two teens & I are now flourishing in the simplicities of life.

    We chose the internet over television, because we are very active now, and television is not. (and i find it boring and fake).

    Thank you for pointing out that happiness comes from within yourself and how you measure success, not how society does. Whether we are perceived as successful depends on OUR own view of our lives, not someone else’s.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gin Rose ext9500

    Fantastic article, Yemaya !!!!!

    Which is why I go outside, every night after my readings, and sit out on my coverd porch…..and star gaze and look up a the beautiful moon…….it’s that simple joy of letting go and just being in the moment that re-energizes and refreshes the body, mind, & soul.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. Marc from the UK

    Hello Yemena, nice article and makes a lot of sense. I chose physical things, Goals in life to achieve to give value to my losses, the big house, the nice car, the holidays, In reality as much as I had fun with this, it did not really fill the void, the reality was I had issues, I had things I buried, past that haunted me, I ran away from and strove years for building up an empire and physical castles. Albeit these where small in comparison to being wealthy! The reality is I feel is that until you put your past into perspective and deal with the ups and downs, and accept them, put a positive spin on them and become more understanding and realistic with the accepting of life, then and only then can you truly become happy. This does not mean that you have to give up on your dreams it just means that there is another angle to consider. Take this as a scenario, I was at an old friends son’s 18th birthday party on Sunday just gone, in a house that wa once my neighbour, in this house where friends of years gone by, before her son Bradlee was born, we would all sit out at night, drinking, having fun, times where tough, economy tough, we all had dreams and ambitions, we had our worlds mapped out, how weired that 18 years later, we all sat out and said, we never would of believed how it would of turned out!! dreams not realised, marriages that failed, twist and turns never thought of in our wildest dreams! Children unexpected! Here we were nearly 20 years later, laughing and reminiscing about here we are, the old people, but appreciative of the lessons learned, the values learned, the people around us we appreciate. It was aparty you could not of organised! FATE?


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