Your Weekly Career Forecast for June 11-17, 2012

Your Future Options are Wide Open!

This is the week to follow up on all of the dynamic energy of last week’s lunar eclipse coupled with the very rare event of Venus crossing the face of the Sun. The next time it will happen is over 100 years from now! Events unfold from the seeds planted at this time and your future options are wide open for at least six months.

“Discover what activities you enjoy doing the most and go after the career that uses these activities. When you love what you do, it won’t feel like work, it will feel like fun.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265


On Monday, June 11 Jupiter is moving into your personal area of communications and siblings. A flash of brilliance on June 12 and 13 is real. Just take the time to structure your communications in a way that others will understand, possibly even using a partner’s abilities, and you may be looking at a promotion or sale from this idea in the future.


Generous Jupiter leaves your sign on Monday, June 11, but don’t despair—that just means his expansive qualities are entering Taurus’s house of money and values. Get you numbers in order over most of the week and you’ll be ready for strong, positive action on Friday. Show your boss or client the benefits of investing in you and your ideas with hard numbers and you have a winner.


Jupiter enters Gemini on Monday, June 11, causing expansive ideas and communications—your realm. Wednesday, June 13 brings inspiration from a friend, or an online social network. Whatever you are presenting or producing, make it “sexy” on some level, and you’ll have a winner and an edge on co-workers or competitors.


This week leaves people open to your sensitive, intuitive communications. A surprise on Wednesday that may have shaken your work plans a bit will work to your advantage before the end of the week. Stick to your plan of making co-workers or clients feel comfortable and secure, and you will win.


Jupiter enters Leo’s area of friends, networking, education or travel. This will be triggered for action and a potential source of successes on Tuesday, June 12. Plan on plenty of action on Friday and your opportunity to provide a leadership role or otherwise show your talents.


On Monday, June 11, the beneficial Jupiter enters Virgo’s area of career, public stature and leadership. This brings more work and challenges over the next several months, yet you are a natural at this and will show your “best stuff.” You’ll be enjoying even more energy on Friday the 15th and could benefit from travel or pursuing education.


Jupiter is moving into Libra’s area of travel and education, so make certain that your car is in good shape or passport is up to date in case a great business trip arises. A surprise announcement from a partner could affect your work on Tuesday, June 12. Just weight the costs and benefits of this event before making a decision.

“Use your intuition to solve tough work issues.” – Psychic Abrielle ext. 9894


The week of June 11 brings a focus on finances, particularly others’ investment in you. There could be news of money from a creative pursuit of yours, a potential inheritance or possible medical settlement on your behalf at the beginning of the week. There will be a spotlight on partnership at the end of the week. Make the most of it and your career will flourish.


Sagittarius’s ruler, the generous Jupiter, moves into your opposite sign of Gemini on Monday, June 11. This, along with other influences, brings your focus on partnerships over the summer. If you make the best use of your energies on Tuesday and Wednesday, you could promote your image and work.


With Jupiter entering Capricorn’s home of work and health on Monday, June 11, expect benefits in these areas. Maybe you will gain an assistant or a boost of energy over the coming months. Surprises at home demand your attention mid-week, followed by a creative new structure for your work plans by Thursday and Friday.


The area of your life that Jupiter begins to expand on Monday, June 11 is your creative efforts. This offers you the opportunity to use your talents in networking and flashes of brilliance to flourish, as long as you are adaptable. Tuesday and Wednesday will be the most fruitful, so make notes of your ideas on these days at the very least.


Jupiter’s move into Gemini on Monday, June 11 causes expansion and abundance at home, particularly on Monday and Tuesday. As long as you manage work duties and put your amazing intuition and imagination to good use over the summer, you will truly enjoy this experience.

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7 thoughts on “Your Weekly Career Forecast for June 11-17, 2012

  1. bimal kr sethi

    I need to try your Your forcast and then I will be in a better position to comment. I am of the view that you comment on most important areas of life. If these come 70-80% correct U can definitely claim higher readership. I wish U a high growth.
    B K Sethi

  2. Jewl

    Will there truly be disaster to come world wide causing amny deaths and tragedy. All this has been said and I’m thinking to relocate to any area that isn’t predicted to be wiped away- I’m already moving to save for 4 months the moving before its supposed to happen- is this plan precautions or over analyzed.

  3. berneece

    This week leaves people to your sensitive . intuitive communication ( tell ME more ) . A surprise that may have shaken your work plans a bit ( YES ) will work to your advantage
    ( YES ) before the end of the week . Stick to your plan ( YES ) of making co-workers or
    clients ( YES ) feel comfortable and secure ( YES ) , and you will win ( YES ) . Sounds good already .


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