Blessings for Dummies

Are You Ready to Get Blessed?

This article was inspired by a customer (she knows who she is) who told me she needed a book called “Blessings for Dummies.” She said this when I asked her if she knew what blessing were or how to bless a person or situation. She said, “You know, I really don’t know how to bless or what blessing actually is.”

We all have the power to bless and doing so can produce profoundly positive results in any situation or conflict we may have. In my own life and the lives of others I have seen blessings lead to a sudden resolution in messy conflicts or estrangement, safety in a difficult situation or even sparing my car from a parking ticket when every other car on the street has one.

God has created everything that exists and there was nothing to create from other than Himself (or Herself, if you prefer). This means that the Divine infinite power of God and God’s blessing is to be found within us. To bless we access that power. It is a very simple and natural process once we understand it.

To bless a person, thing or situation, all you need to do is be aware of the goal you are concentrating on. With one thought focused on the object, reach inside yourself and imagine that at the core of your being you have access to unlimited love, power and all forms of goodness. Feel the joy of that power. Some people imagine a bright white or electric blue light surrounding the person or situation they are seeking to bless. Holding the intention to work with the Divine allows us to use this power like paint and our imagination like the paintbrush that can transform our situation.

Imagine that you are sending the light, love and enthusiasm towards the person(s) or situation you are working to improve. If there is conflict or someone is hurting or rejecting you, also include yourself in the blessing. An attitude of trust and flow allows the force to be transmitted to the situation. It is not necessary to be too detailed about the outcome that you are seeking. It is better to trust the Divine power, knowing it will bring about the outcome that is best for everyone, including yourself.

Nor is it necessary to rid yourself of all negative emotions. If you have fear or anger, just watch yourself having it while at the same time concentrate on the infinite, loving power flowing through you. Some people can do this spontaneously and find the simple way is best. For others a prayer, a lit candle and/or incense, smudge or the scent of essential oil helps.

It is a hidden secret of life that Divine intelligence is playful and joyful, so even if part of you feels like hell, another part can concentrate on playing along and even for a moment, leaping into that state of trust. Often a moment is all it takes. Every situation is different and while many situations transform through one simple and effective act of blessing them and anyone involved, others require repeated effortsonce a day or so. Be patient.

Should you bless your enemies? Yes. Won’t that give them power over you? No. It is a spiritual principle that on a certain level we do not have any enemies. If there is a conflict or someone is hurting or opposing you, something is wrongsomeone is not in their true place or not working in alignment with their true selves. So, effectively blessing an enemy can transform their actions or attitudes and/or remove them from your life. Blessings bring everyone and everything up to a higher level. A truly negative soul cannot handle that kind of experience and will often disappear faster than you can imagine.

This is a concept that can be played with in many ways. It is also possible to bless through time. I mentioned being the only one not to get a parking ticket above. My car was parked in a one hour parking zone and the meeting I had ran later than expected. As I was heading back I realized I had been parked for three hours. I sent blessings backwards in time to surround my car. When I arrived at the vehicle all of the cars surrounding it were ticketed while mine was the only one without a ticket. Blessings work!

5 thoughts on “Blessings for Dummies

  1. Cristine

    Thank you Bridget!!

    As always you shine light where and when it is needed. I’m going to print this article and carry it with me to practice the blessing message throughout the day.

    You’re wonderful…..

  2. Deen

    Why not accept the ticket?
    If you know there is 1 hr. parking and anything can happen in a meeting
    you did not realize it went over 3 hrs.?
    I would think you would want blessings for more important issues

  3. david

    God bless you for this article. I feel blessed already, and I’m taking the suggestion to bless others as well. Cheers!

  4. LJ

    Bridget, this resonated with me so deeply. And I’m so glad that you wrote about this so that everyone can experience the gift of blessings. (I could have used this info when I lived in NYC and racked up a few tickets of my own LOL – kidding – sort of). Your message is a blessing in itself. Thank you.

  5. John

    May god truely bless everyone everywmere , and to any haters out there remember god loves you too I ask him to so we can all charish whats given us.


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