Date and Love a Gemini

Man/Woman: About the Twins

Gemini is depicted as the twins, representing the duality and very humanness of this expressive sign. It’s not easy to tell a Gemini’s age. They have a youthful enthusiasm for life and boredom will never be an issue for them. If they ever find themselves without a challenge or adventure, they’ll create one. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, so communication is their gift. So is their ability to talk an Eskimo into buying tons of ice that they really don’t need but somehow they simply must have. That is Gemini’s power of persuasion at its creative best. Convincing and endearing, Gemini is the consummate optimist and their minds move at lightning speeds. They do get moody and can have their darker moments, but they won’t last and they’ll probably be forgotten, at least by them. There is in Gemini a tendency to rationalize feelings they can’t explain—their actions are almost always prompted by thought rather than emotion.

Dating a Gemini

Geminis aren’t the most romantic, but they are fun to date and they have a genuine enthusiasm for the experience of dating. They want to show you the world they know and beyond and they are genuinely excited about doing so. Geminis have a bad rap for not being monogamous. They are flirty and do like to engage the group around them. But all a Gemini needs is to date someone who has many sides to their personality and who is as eccentric as they are. This ironically is what tethers them to an earthy approach to dating rather than continually floating in the clouds or looking for the next adventure.

Love and the Gemini Woman

She’s adventurous and exciting and that’s probably what brought her to your attention, if it wasn’t her unique style and mannerisms. She has a genuine zest for life and doesn’t waste time on useless emotions that keep some people trapped in relationships where the excitement has withered. She goes with the natural flow of life, just at a slightly faster pace than most. She loves to invite you into her home and show off the many focal points in every room—paintings, gadgets and memorabilia. Her home is a reflection of her active mind which always seeks stimulation.

Love and the Gemini Man

The Gemini Man loves a woman who is active and engaging—she’d have to be to keep up with his changing moods and interests. Like his female counterpart, he is fun, flirtatious and always ready for an adventure. When he’s constantly stimulated in a relationship his attention will not wane. He just needs to be with someone who has as many if not more sides to their personality as he does.

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Gemini’s do best with someone who matches their temperament and shares their interests, which could change at a moment’s notice or with no notice at all. To date and love a Gemini, you have to be adaptable and a good listener. They like to be heard.

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37 thoughts on “Date and Love a Gemini

  1. Tynayjah

    I’m a Aquarius that have been dating a Gemini for about a month , it was kind of scary because we were able to connect so quickly, the bedtime was amazing best I ever had was blown I find myself thinking about him often. But just a few weeks he went away to Miami and I go on Snapchat and I see him with a bunch of women shaking their ass talking about he going to this one house i automatically got turned off and started to lose interest but he called me and while he was on his time I don’t know to see if I was mad or something… but he calls so I bought up the Miami and he reply’s I was thinking about you the whole time of course I knew he was lying what should I do kick him to the curve or see what things go ? Or just got Mia like he does

  2. Miss

    Hi all. Well this is a first for me, never chatted on line never responded to anyone except emails and texts. Wow you people hate us Gemini’. I have been on a personal quest the last few years of my life, trying to figure out why I’m still single and what it is exactly I’m doing wrong? I am a hard working, loving fun person with many friends. But still single(I was married once when I was younger) I chose to end my marriage not only because we weren’t very compatible but I also over heard hem telling his brother he couldn’t wait to get out of the military and go take over my dads business put his feet up on his desk and collect a check!(he wouldn’t have made a wort on my dads but! But since then I have had 4 long term relationships. I know why two ended but not the others. I’m faithful never cheated, my friends come to me for advice to spice up there marriages, so I think I’m fairly romantic. I love sex and I like new things and try very hard to please my partners as I love seeing them so satisfied and happy. I will go out of my way for those I love, spouses, family, friends. So much so that I seem to find myself in awful situations. Being single I have to tell you I have been hit on by everyone of my married friends husbands! Hit on by co workers Married….What the hell do we put out there that people think that its ok. Yes I’m direct, yes I talk but I also listen, I love knowledge and to learn. I know I can be impatient and sometimes difficult. These are my faults which I am very much aware of. I also realize that every person on this earth also has faults, most times these will be different than my own. To say we are cheaters, liars, childish, dark and mean, truly perplexes me, because after reading over a 100 response you have to stop and think wow….we are awful people. In that same breadth I have to say that maybe, those writing these responses held some of the same faults, but for them its ok, because it attains there needs? I honestly don’t know I cant speak for other Gemini’s but, if I am that way I want to apologize to all those who may have been subject to any of my twins it sounds truly awful.

  3. Cat

    Oops, adding to my last comment, just for fun. Would you believe this Gemini guy’s mom’s birthday is the day before his (also Gem.) and his only son a few days after. Is this like Gemini exponentially???! Oh–loving it–his ex? Her birthday? You have to laugh at the irony. EXACTLY same day as mine. First date he says “you’re just like my ex” kinda snarling it out at me. Was there some lesson in this I missed, oh cosmic enlightened minds?!

  4. Cat

    Must agree with these folks saying Gemini blows too hot and cold. If you say black, they argue white. I am an empathetic, romantic, terrific Pisces dumped at the 6 month mark–no word, no explanation–by this fruity Gemini guy. It was like walking into a lion’s den, never knowing whether he’d feasted on someone’s flaws or not, were you his next verbal abuse meal. I was constantly judged as lacking, he was perfect, and yes–they are gabby people magnets. But they don’t seem to like anyone because they do not meet the Gemini standard of something. My sister is Gemini and I just disconnected myself from our family entirely and am changing my name due to her. The most self-centered, mean-mouthed, jealous, greedy human I ever encountered. Go figure, her husband (just died, Capricorn) utterly adored her till his last dying breath and she was the worst to him of all of us. My son is a Gemini–lovely fellow BUT I can’t say I would be able to be in a relationship with him. They are bitter and sweet sometimes in the same split second. I feel like I need a huge dose of Dramamine around them…the room is spinning. All I wanted was to be needed and my guy could never admit to needing anything or anyone therefore he did the 6-month run routine. My first and last dating encounter with these psychos. NEVER again. Every Gemini woman I have ever known has been a monster towards others. Why is this…who on earth would be their match. Folks, there are 11 other signs. May there be peace in your valley with anything else but this.

  5. marc hill

    gemini sucks i know im aquarian and it well never be there, she lies and shes crazy. my best sin was an sagittarius, i felt in love and we now have an 9 year old daughter, but not together but i well always love her..

  6. aurora

    gemini are awful. liars, self entered dual nature. say one thing and then do complete opposite, moody, selfish. you hardly see them, im taurus and it didnt work for me . unlikely id ever date a mental case again!
    ruuuuuuuuunnnn as the other comment said.

  7. Shirley

    My Gemini boss is not my lover but I have to say something. She is very stubborn, and will not give an inch under any circumstances. She says she likes her staff (an me) but does not have compassion and will not support them. Perhaps she is following admin rules but when we ask for help, her response is ‘how will that help me?’ and ‘how will that help the company?’. Everything I read about building success in your staff says the manager is to help the staff to accomplish their successes. We want to succeed and there are so many barriers and she couldn’t be bothered. She has the other qualities however that are mentioned in this article, but they don’t help when we are in a bind. I know every Gemini is different but she is a nurse. You would think a nurse would bring a humanistic value set to the office. She has been a manager too long now. I can’t wait to get out of there. Healthcare is changing rapidly. The stresses to keep up and keep the job are always there. To have a manager who doesn’t care about the barriers and stresses is unforgivable.

  8. Sandy

    WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! I have been married to a Gemini male for 18 years…not one of the above statements is true of him. Optimist?? I have never met a more negative person in my life…he has no zest for life and pretty much sits back waiting to die! He blames everyone for anything he creates, which is always drama. If there is a disagreement, he’s always right in his eyes and never forgives or forgets. His lack of adventure for life in itself is to say the least, beyond aggravating. I am both active and engaging with others..he hates this. Wrong on the female Gemini as well…I work every day with 2 Gemini females. They are both so negative that they are unable to keep both men or friends. They do however have the gift of gab…if gossiping and putting everyone down counts. No disrespect to all Gemini’s…I just have way too many that I deal with all day every day and I’ve yet to come across one that has any of the above qualities stated above.

  9. LJ

    Thanks everyone for your comments – and Bob, yes, it’s quite possible that the Gemini you’re dating is more like their rising sign (which by the way is the face we show the world) – no one can be completely defined by just their Sun Sign, but it’s an overview and a good place to start – it actually can tell you a lot about a person if applied right.

    As for your Earth signs – my personal suggestion for dating is: Water with water or earth; Earth with earth or water; Air with air or fire; Fire with fire or air. But there are exceptions.
    For instance: Scorpio and Aries can make one hot couple. A lot has to do with personalities, personal experiences, lifestyles, etc. too …

    As for those of you who I continue to see are in relationships that don’t work or aren’t fulfilling … write me back, because I’m really curious about your individual story. What is it that keeps you tethered to relationships that aren’t working? I’d love your thoughts and maybe I could address some of them in future articles (completely unanimous of course, I respect your privacy). Thanks

    Embrace the Day,

  10. oma

    I’m cancerian married to a Gemini, wish I was still dating because I would have quit. Lack of communication, bipolar personality, arrogant, center of attention, manages to keep pple engaged, too many projects at the same time, cool 1 min, yelling the next minute. it’s endless. I’m drained. Next time you see a Gemini, don’t fall for that charm, RUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNN!

  11. Kubsy

    Not all Gemini are magnetised to one even when i have gotten a replacement and shld walk away.romantically hes just too a sag. Friends believe hes hypnot
    ised me or something.

  12. Joanna

    i totally agree jessica am a gemini too and have been faithful in my relationships. it all about your character, your self worth, morals and values

  13. Helen

    gemini male and scorpio female not a good match. I found mine to be secretive, sneaky and sly. Communication, well there was not much except for yes, no and ok but in bed he was something else. Good for abit of fun but short in the emotional, commitment and relationship areas, much prefer my stable Libra that i am now with.

  14. jessicca

    I am a Gemini and I’ve never cheated on anyone. That is not determined by your sign, it is your character…..:) just fyi

  15. jessica

    To Renee, being with a Sagg will most likely call upon all your diplomatic skills, but it can be quite lovely I am a Libra with a lot of Leo in me, and I don’t think I’ve ever come across a Gemini I don’t like. But only as friends: I could never see myself in a romantic relationship with a Gemini.

  16. Julie

    I am a Leo, I have been married to 2 gemini’s. Lots of fun, socializing, but cheaters, Never again a Gemini, They missed what they distroyed. I run the other way.

  17. Love

    I have been dating a Gemini for three years.They like to hold on to old friendships even when they know they are bad for them.The males are great lovers but are selfish when it comes to your feelings about certain things.I am a female Capricorn.

  18. Valerie

    Lawd!!! I just got out of a relationship with a Gemini and if they’re all like that I dont want to date a Gemini never again, lack of communication, he forgets everything, good bf one day the next a stranger, wooo! I could continue by the way I’m a earthy Taurus I guess no air signs for me?

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  20. virgo

    I would never date a Gemini far too much hard work by keeping up with a mutable Air Sign (mental) child far too frivolous for me and far too imbecilic, but for a Libra or an Aquarian or another Gemini like themselves it creates opposites as the other Air Sign will never know on what the other one is thinking and vice versa as this is good because it stirs up one imagination over the other and therefore keeps the whirlwind wheels turning so can use see what I am getting at for you Air Signs, well the best of British and god bless and take care so let the mystiques roll.

  21. Bob

    WOW! Gemini are great communicators? for real? I found the exception then…Been dating a Gemini that I have to pry out amotion information like codes to a safe!..As a Capricorn, I express feelings, emotions, romance…..something I think Geminis have trbl expressing….(might not be all)

  22. johnny

    i have dated every sign and i am an aquarius,but i think your wrong about gemini and aquarius, i seen gemini women to be cheaters in life while the scorpios also are cheaters but leo wow those women sure know how to love wow they have had me in their hearts,and them in mine, taurus has been another woman i have had alot of fun and communication and sex with, but gemini is not a very fun person to be with ,i have dated and even ended up in fights for the shit the women have done or said to others,also have caught them in kies and cheating even when we had sex all the time ,but when i would say i was leaving town three of them were on the town and going to apartments with other men,then turn around and said they missed my sex and fun but of course i sent them away,but to me them and scorpios are the same and can nobe trusted

  23. Joanna

    i can’t help but laugh cause this clearly describes me. however, i am yet to find who’s compatible, and shares the same interest. i guess i should try to date someone who shares the same sign…gemini!!!!

  24. Johanne

    how does a leo woman do in long distance relationship with a gemini man. Will he stray, or online convos for now will keep him grounded and committed? Is it only to dream, if thinking of a future with a man far away, with the hope he will move to my country? Or should I let it go?

  25. Tiff

    I’m a Gemini female and yes this article is so on point I’m laughing to myself! Well…….Gemini’s best match is an Aquarius or another Gemini, I know from experience! But unfortunately my husband is a Virgo, not a good match at all! Virgos are too down to earth and no imagination. My teen sister & 2 yr daughter are also Virgo. Both very quiet and well mannered.
    Like the article says If Geminis ever find themselves without a challenge or adventure, they’ll create one

  26. John wise

    to Oladeji with the Gemini girlfriend: Best way to KEEP HER: IGNORE HER as much as POSSIBLE—but, not in an ABSOLUTE way; JUST in the more “SHARE ALL YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT HER WAY”; share them; but don’t go overboard with it; the more you have something of a “MYSTIQUE” about you; the MORE SHE’ll LOVE YOU!!

  27. merlyn berdan javier

    I am who I am, a Gemini who loves leo keeping me a great challenge of brain storming in my life time for almost five year in my life, i’ll never stop in doing this even never to surrender, I am even addicted on it, I do it for 42 hours my eyes open on net if I don’t have work, ’til my eyes getting tired. I sleep only for 2 hours just to resist but when I got sick lately having acute pulmonary disease that cause me to limit my precious time of challenging like pageantry.


  28. Not a Fan of Gemini

    I’ve dated a couple of Geminis because I’m an Aquarian and I’m told they’re the best match for me. Well, this is not true! Those were the worst relationships I ever had! I’m usually very level-tempered but with Geminis, I tend to lose patience. To me, the romantic part in there is fiction as I’m a romantic person and those Geminis were so unromantic it wasn’t funny.

    Oddly enough my best relationships were with Scorpios though we’re not supposed to be compatible.

    I never want to see another Gemini again for the rest of my life! I’m through thinking there could be an exception that would be perfect for me.

  29. nancy

    I am female sag dating male gemini need I say more up & down back & forth. We are two peas in a pod both loving adventure. We settle down sometimes.

  30. A. J.

    Son and my daughter in-law are both Gemini! And the truth be told that it seems to work very well for them!

  31. triple goddess love

    my boyfriend and I are both Gemini, we seem to work out perfectly together as we can keep up with eachother…even when the conversation changes on a dime.

  32. Oladeji

    I saw ur psychic reading and I tot u could help me with my issues. Am an aquarius and dating a Gemini girl. I love this girl and she claimed she loves me too but I don’t wanna lose her. What more do I do to keep her.


  33. chanyce stapleton

    I like it, and for this to pop up today is, erm. Making me think that it might be more than fate


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