The Blessings and Benefits of Using a Tibetan Singing Bowl

The Blessings and Benefits of Using a Tibetan Singing Bowl | California Psychics

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Please take a moment now to visualize yourself in a darkened room with only the warm glow of candles casting their enchanting light on the scene before you. Feel yourself sink down onto comfy pillows as you settle in, grow still, and prepare to meditate. Now listen to the soft ringing tones of the Tibetan singing bowl you are playing as it helps shift your energy to make a strong connection with the Divine.

Sound inviting? Good, because you can create this kind of lovely experience for yourself or your group of kindred spirits each time you engage in meditation.

Origins of Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan singing bowls originated at least three thousand years ago, and while their place of origin is unknown, it is believed they first came from Nepal or India. They were once mostly used in Tibet as ceremonial instruments, and their positive benefits have since spread far and wide.

These metal bowls are like inverted bells that come in many sizes, from a few feet to a few inches in diameter. When played and made to “sing,” their heavenly tones can help restore any broken frequencies between your mind, body, and soul. Here are many of the blessings and benefits of using a Tibetan singing bowl.

How to Use Your Tibetan Singing Bowl

One recommended way to play your bowl is to hold it in your hand on the flat of your palm. It’s best to keep your fingers extended and not grip the bottom of the bowl. While using a mallet or “striker” (which is often made of wood with one end covered in suede) in your other hand, gently rotate your mallet around the outer rim of the bowl in a clockwise direction and it will start to “sing.”

You will hear the soothing tone and feel the bowl vibrate. When this sound is coupled with your calm breathing, you will begin to feel more relaxed. If you wish, you can also strike it with the mallet and let the soothing sound play out. (Use the suede end of the mallet for a deeper, more subtle tone, and the wood end for a higher, more intense sound.)

When you are ready to stop the ringing, touch the bowl with your finger tip, or keeping in contact with the metal, gently slide the mallet up along the outside of the bowl, over the rim, and slide it down into the inner center bottom of the bowl. As you use your bowl, it will develop a connection with you. Let it guide you as you play it, for it will communicate to you how it wants to be played.

The Benefits of the Tibetan Singing Bowl

Here are some of the healing benefits of using your singing bowl on a regular basis:

  • Stress relief
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased relaxation

You will also be able to:

  • Balance your chakras
  • Train your brain into more peaceful states
  • Deepen meditation
  • Strengthen your connection with Spirit

An Electric Effect

Walt Whitman wrote a poem entitled, “I Sing the Body Electric.” This could be one good way to describe what you are doing when you play a Tibetan singing bowl, for you are blessing the electric frequencies of your brain and body when you do so.

Here is a list of the five main frequencies coursing through your brain and body:

Beta (14-40 Hz)

This is the frequency we live in 95% of the time during our waking hours. Here is where the logical, reasoning, and alert side of our brain resides.

Alpha (7.5 – 14 Hz)

It is in this frequency where you feel relaxation and in the flow of gentle energy. This is a state you reach in quiet meditation.

Theta (4 – 7.5 Hz)

This is the “magic” frequency of full relaxation where you reach your deep inner soul and connect more fully with the Divine. You feel “in the zone” here and can access spiritual guidance, healing, and creative inspiration. When you use your singing bowl on a regular basis, it helps you reach theta and eventually train your brain to the point you are able to access it on your own.

Delta (.5 – 4Hz)

You reach this frequency most often during sleep when your body goes into its restorative state.

Gamma (over 40 Hz)

This frequency is considered somewhat rare, but it is said those who practice deep mediation on a regular basis, such as monks, reach it most often. With practice, you can reach it too.

Soothe Your Spirit

If you’re looking to give yourself a few minutes of peace, but find meditation difficult to get into, try adding a Tibetan singing bowl to your routine. The “singing” will help soothe your mind, body, and spirit, and give you a little relief from your day.

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