Be Selfish!

I’ll never forget my reading with Phillip ext. 9485. I expected a run-of-the-mill ordinary astrology reading. I thought he’d elaborate on some simple insights from my birth chart or direction about where my career is headed. But no.

“The universe wants you to “become a selfish b*tch,” he said. “You’re too accommodating and an old soul. You don’t recognize how powerful you are. You have several gifts. Do you experience déjà vu a lot?” He said – and I’ve always felt this – “you see the future or flashes of it before it happens – especially in dreams at night.”

“This lifetime is about you taking your power back. You came in as a people pleaser but are old enough to recognize that you are an easy target for people. People take until you have nothing left to give. They bleed you dry. You’re targeted. The pattern is you need to confront it at all costs.”

“Manifest the power to train yourself to put you first. Users and abusers will have the choice to either disappear or play my game.” Apparently, these people will fall away because they’ll be replaced by those who respect me since I’m coming from a positive place by demanding I live my life in peace.

“You can expect perks if you make this shift and do it consistently. It’s where your romance, happiness, creative life and experiences lie as long as you do it.”

Phillip suggested if this isn’t followed, the universe will ante up. “Things will get worse instead of better.”

“People need to hear what’s important to you,” he said. “Then your stress and emotional grief will fade. This pattern stretches in your life over the course of more than one lifetime. Your Scorpio ascendant is saying you didn’t come into this world to be reasonable. You came to let the emotional sh*t fly.”

“Honor yourself,” he said. “You played the martyr and the victim in your life, but now it’s time to play the villain. Shake things up by going to the other extreme. It becomes your choice, not others. Stay awake to the perks which will follow, the universe is asking you to stick with this path. Take risks.” I’ll never forget this reading. I keep a copy of my notes with me at all times.

So far his advice has worked in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. I’m becoming more aggressive about my needs but increasingly more gentle with people around me. Some of the users have already fallen out of my immediate environment, and it’s become easier to state my needs and set clear boundaries. This advice remains my constant companion. Thank you, Phillip.

7 thoughts on “Be Selfish!

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  3. indigodanceIndigodance

    I have been following Liam and also Phillip for a few months now – having problems with my own potential lover, the articles have given me a different insight on some of the issues. I have been trying to get a “mans” type opinion for ages, but most seem to be too accommodating and not really what’s going on.

    I was intrigued with the article on training your boyfriend (Liams)- my issue is the other woman is getting the sex (she is closer to hand) but he states that is all it is with her – his emotions are with me. I have to accept the sex thing – the distance is too great to be together at the moment (I do think he has addiction to sex as he’s looking for it all the time – he just wants sex, not relationship)- yet it is with me he shares his secrets. He said he daren’t let this particular woman know or she would withdraw the sex (hes been with men and threesomes – this does not worry me – but it would her)

    He dose mention her sometimes in his emails to me – but as a passing notion – hes trying to appease her all the time just to keep the sex going. If she knew some of his wishes and actions – I know she would run a mile

    Heidi’s comment reflect very much how I feel about the situation – have I been too accommodating – I know I have. I am trying to build the foundations but also be true to myself. We also both have Scorpio Ascending – I am quite happy to let the S**t fly – I am leo with Scropio moon as well – he is Virgo with Cancer moon which makes him more emotional than me.

    What I cant do, is pass comment on my thoughts about this woman to him – nearly lost him already doing that. He wasnt upset at my thoughts about her – he was upset at me questioning his judgement (very male ego).

    I would love him even if we never have sex.

  4. Phillip# 9485

    Thank you so much Heidi and my fellow psychics. It is so gratifying for me to see that I AM being of service to my caller. One never expects to actually SEE it here. I thank GOD for this privilege. I have always been so proud to be with California Psychics and to work along side of such gifted souls. and to Gina Rose-The dobro lessons were postponed until January. The holidays are already beckoning. So it is first things first.

  5. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Several months ago, Someone I am close with, I asked them to read something Phillip wrote on the blog. Well, this person is very critical-and can identify “holes” or “flaws” in things. Well, after they read Phillip’s article, not only did they feel better (because they were having a bad week at the time) but, they said, “This is really great and I agree.” Since then, I have been sending them Phillip’s articles, and they absolutely enjoy them and look forward to them.
    As far as this article, I could not agree more. When someone respects you, they will understand that you can’t always say “yes” to everything.
    Awesome Phillip!
    Miss Krystal

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Phillip,
    You ROCK !!!!! Yes, sometimes being a little bit selfish will shake off the “emotional vampires” in our life.
    PS….how is the steel guitsr coming along ????
    Blessed Be )O(……Gina Rose ext.9500

  7. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Heidi and Phillip,
    Congratulations to you both.
    Phillip, you are so correct about stress falling away when one can break through the stress of knowing you are being treated unfairly and the very big stress of speaking up for yourself. Good for you, Heidi!
    People pleasers, nice people, gentle people should be valued in our world, but they are not always. Doesn’t it feel great to have the users and takers slither out of your life?
    Ext. 9146


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