Ask Your Spirit Guides: Vivid Dreams

Since childhood I’ve had what I call “vivid dreams,” which come more often during difficult periods in my life. They help me solve problems or sometimes predict the future.

Since [my] brief illness, however, I’ve had great difficulty remembering things. Several nights ago, in a vivid dream, I was speaking with a new Spirit Guide. He told me his name twice. I tried a name association game in the dream to attempt to remember it upon waking. He told me that he was assigned to me to help me develop my business. I am terribly sad to say that, for the life of me, I cannot remember his name. And I really need him.

What are my Guides’ names? How can I facilitate a more direct two-way conversation with them? I don’t want to offend any of them. Please help me make it right if you can.

Peace and Blessings,
Kelly from North Carolina

Dear Kelly,

I’d like to begin with an important message for you, and for all the many people who write to me asking for the names of their Spirit Guides. In my experience, specific names rarely matter to Angels and Spirit Guides, except as a tool for connection. Of course you and I are used to names being an important part of identity, and an integral part of building a relationship, so it’s natural to want to carry that over into our Spirit relationships.

However, whether I’m doing this column or telephone readings, I rarely am given names when I ask. Even when family members are involved, they usually identify themselves as “Grandmother” or “Dad,” rather than a name. Most often, when I ask I get a shrug and the message, “tell them to choose any name they like.” I feel it’s usually because Guides have gained such a different perspective that their incarnated identity has faded in importance. Don’t forget that your Guardian Angel was pleased with the name you chose.

The Guide from your dream needs no apology. There is no need to make it right. He naturally knows about your memory challenges, and the dream was actually an exercise to help you re-sharpen your skills using new pathways, rather than a formal introduction. He tells me that you normally are a demon for details, but in this case the magic is in the energy and the sense of connection — not in the name. To call on him, just ask for your business consultant. He’s right there, and he knows who you mean.

The very best way to have a two-way conversation with guides, besides your very powerful dreams and natural psychic receptors, is automatic writing.

Your several Guides are very pleased with you, and very chatty, so chatty that I think you’d really benefit from speaking directly with a psychic who specializes in Spirit Guides and/or channeling.

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