Your LOVECAST™: A Tidal Wave of Stress

This week is intense! A contretemps involving Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto can cause a tidal wave of stress, so take some time to get centered each day and try to avoid getting drawn into conflicts. This weekend, starting on Friday afternoon, Moon in Aries enters the fray, which can set off more eruptions in relationships and and other areas.

So, are there any good days for socializing this week? Well, the best chances you’ll have for a harmonious encounter are on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Sunday, a fiery interaction is likely, which can either sweep you away or unhinge your equilibrium. In any case, just be aware of the emotional flows within yourself and others this week.

Aries: Mars entering your partnership sector on Thursday can stir up both passion and prickliness in your relationship. Then as Mars collides with some challenging planetary influences during the next few days (and beyond), patience and cooperation will be crucial to your well-being. This weekend, Saturday is emotionally heavy, but passion may prevail on Sunday!

Taurus: The urge to take action on a love interest or professional project can stir up a fear about making a change. Getting in touch with deepest desires and intuition will guide your direction. Socializing can be tricky this week. During the weekend, duty may hinder romance on Saturday, but your inner warrior inspires a sexy tryst on Sunday!

Gemini: You can’t seem to please anyone this week, except perhaps a close friend or two. Even your boss and/or family members may irritate you. Your challenge is to objectively deal with (or weed out) the negative people in your life. The weekend is socially challenged as well, but a breakthrough in love or friendship may occur on Sunday.

Cancer: You may feel like diving for cover when emotional chaos breaks out around you this week. Because you’re psychically sensitive, strive to stay centered in your feelings so others don’t influence you emotionally. Wednesday is your best day for romance. Family can unhinge you on Saturday. A direct expression of desire heats up passion on Sunday.

Leo: Clarity is crucial to success in love at the start of the week. Still, a little fantasy can heat up passion, if you can sidestep some emotional pitfalls (yours or someone else’s). Also, a tug-of-war between your inner good girl (or boy) and naughty side is likely to erupt. The winner will be revealed this weekend.

Virgo: The urge to make a change in your personal life, either to gain more freedom or to make a commitment, may conflict with your need to play it safe. Focus on healing and eliminating old emotional junk. A twosome tryst can bring delight on Wednesday. Intimacy feels blocked on Saturday, but your lusty side comes out to play on Sunday!

Libra: Mars entering your sign on Thursday can prompt you to take a stand on a personal issue, which will likely annoy your significant other (or help you attract someone who admires your chutzpah). Compromise will be an uphill battle. This weekend, commitment or responsibility may be an issue on Saturday. Sunday is a better time for romance.

Scorpio: Some emotional blocks may arise to hinder romance this week, although a sudden insight might unlock your heart. A misunderstanding with a lover or family member may arise at the start of the week. Watch out for a conflict at work, too. During the weekend, letting off steam by getting physical can fire up passion!

Sagittarius: You’ll likely be restless for more freedom or a change in your personal life, but the call of commitment or responsibility can make you feel stuck. A promise you can’t keep can unhinge romance, too. During the weekend, a power struggle can derail romance on Saturday, but making up will be fun on Sunday!

Capricorn: A fear about security or commitment can rattle romance this week. Look to see if you’re hanging onto someone or something that you need to release. Your way with words inspires romance on Wednesday. The urge to do your own thing is strong on Saturday. Hosting a party can bring delight on Sunday!

Aquarius: A brilliant, humorous or insightful communication can draw admirers this week, if you don’t push your agenda. Your powers of attraction soar at the start of the week, but you may need to resolve an issue over priorities to make love work. A clash of wills arises on Saturday. Flirting revs up romance on Sunday!

Pisces: A power struggle over money or something else that’s important to you can unhinge romance this week. It’s important to take a direct approach to solving the problem. Your magnetism is irresistible on Wednesday, a good day for a rendezvous. You’ll likely feel pushed by someone on Saturday. An adventurous activity inspires romance on Sunday.

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