Are You Too Busy?

Refocus on What Truly Matters

Do you check your smart phone calendar every hour? Is your daily “to-do” list filled with things that must get done? Are you always multitasking at work? Does relaxing on the couch and just watching TV never cross your mind?

Though being busy at work, school, and home shows that you are an active and productive person, it may also indicate that you are going above and beyond the call of duty. We all need our down time to relax, recharge, and reflect. Do not fear being thought of as “lazy.” Society at large can decipher laziness from leisure.

As a perfectionist and workaholic myself, I struggle to slow down. This is because I see my time off as an opportunity to “get ahead” with work duties, homework assignments, and general housework. Though many of these tasks can wait, I have always believed in the old adage that one should not put off until tomorrow what could be done today.

Upon examining this way of life though, I start to think of the popular phrase You Only Live Once or “YOLO” that is reappearing recently in songs and conversations. This phrase reminds me that each day is an opportunity for greatness, exploration, and personal fulfillment. Conversely, my “busy” days will not be remembered for any of these qualities.

Thus, if I do keep myself busy when I should be relaxing, I try my best to do work, school, and home related tasks that I may find enjoyment in. For example, I work on my school’s website updates at home because I like working on my laptop, and this type of work assignment necessitates concentration and quiet time. Of course, many jobs do not require you to take work home, so resist making it an option for you if there is plenty on your plate at home already. Here are a few tips to making sure you are staying a “healthy amount” of busy:

1. Set Limits

Limit yourself to fulfilling only one to-do list item per day. Do not overwhelm yourself by trying to accomplish too many things. Value quality over quantity! Having trouble setting limits? Have a talk with Psychic Winter ext. 9002 and get the tips you need.

2. Have “Me Time”

Imbed some “me time” into each day. Whether it is an hour or  even just 15 minutes, announce your “me time” and just relax in a quiet space. Consider napping, stretching, or meditating.

3. Monitor Busy Talk

You create your reality by what you say and do. If you are always talking about how busy you are, then you are reinforcing this hectic state of mind. Instead, consider eliminating the word “busy” from your vocabulary and substitute it with discussion of all the free time you have to spend doing the things you choose to do.

4. Keep an End in Sight

Maybe being this busy is temporary. If so, you can stay focused on the end of your busy phase and make plans to relax and enjoy yourself when it’s over. Since I work at a school, I have the summers off, so I keep a list of “summer plans,” which includes things like excising regularly, visiting museums, and reading popular nonfiction. For others, the end of your busy phase may be just weeks or as long as years, but no matter the length, you can still start that list of future plans to keep you energized and focused on fulfilling your needs some day. What are your future plans? Psychic Lucy ext. 5353 can help you get excited about making them!

5. Call a Psychic

Sometimes we stay busy so that we do not have to confront some parts of our lives like relationship problems or financial issues. This way, we are doing something productive with our time. However, we are not handling a pressing dilemma. Talking to a psychic will help you figure out what you may be running from by staying so busy.

Hopefully, some of these tips may apply to you, or they have inspired you to think of your own methods for not being so busy all the time. Just consider what is really important to you, and make time for it! If we can schedule time to send work emails and clean the garage, then we can definitely plan time to take a fun dance class and go to the movies.

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2 thoughts on “Are You Too Busy?

  1. marc from the uk

    As someone who hates being still, I work all day, then find it difficult to have a me time, even on my day off I schedule jobs to do, however I have learned that I just end up stressed! So every now and then I do NOTHING!!! lay in bed, watch telly and eat my favourite Ginger nut biscuits, lots of English Tea to drink , and my pet dog Sammy snuggled up awaiting a bit of biscuit! He knows when it’s a Sunday morning by the rattle of the tea cup and biscuit tin !!!

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gna Rose ext.9500

    As a professional career psychic I know the importance of ” down time “.

    And as a Virgo it isn’t always easy to slow down and smell the roses, but when I do, I always feel refreshed and recharged.

    This past Tuesday was my birthday and I promised myself that I would do nothing… and that’s what I did …….nothing, absolutely nothing all day long, except for enjoying my dark fudge chocolate birthday cake.
    No house cleaning, no yard work, no grocery shopping, no errands, no psychic readings….nothing. Best birthday I’ve had in years !

    I live in a very rural, remote, mountain area of the country where the leaves on the trees are turning glorious shades of color….so I sat outside on my old farmhouse porch, and watched my four Doberman dogs ( and pet pig, Petunia who thinks she is just another Doberman ) play together in the yard.


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