Are You Really Healed?

Most of us who seek a reading want to know about our soulmate, yet very few of us are willing to prepare for that person’s arrival. We allow ourselves to engage in relationships of all sorts, but what we don’t always do is take the time to heal from our heartbreaks – romantic, family, friendship, or business-related. Healing is a requirement, not an option.

No relationship is guaranteed to be fulfilling, ever-lasting and mutually beneficial. With this in mind, why not enter into it with a focused mind, a free spirit, and a healed heart? Adding the weight of a new relationship to “baggage” from a past entanglement can make the new experience exhausting, confusing and unrewarding. That’s why you must not only move on from a failed relationship – you must heal from it!

Step 1
Healing is a four-step process. The first step is to release all emotions attached to the experience. You must abandon the pain, fear, guilt, distrust, and so forth so that you can move forward, not just “move on” (proceeding in life as if you haven’t been adversely affected by certain actions, reactions and circumstances). You will have to re-visit the relationship in order to be able to account for all your feelings, and release them to the universe. Sure: it’s horrifying to relive the experience, but if you do not go back, you will never progress.

Step 2
After revisiting in order to release, the second step in healing is to forgive. You must forgive all parties involved – including yourself! That is why it is very important to release all those negative emotions in the first step, so you can forgive the actions and occurrences that caused the negative feelings. You can only do this with a calm heart.

Step 3
Once negative emotions have been discarded and forgiveness has been granted, the third step in the process of healing is to fully understand the lesson! Every experience has a valuable lesson to be gained – whether it’s about you, the other person, or life in general . . . you must feel beyond the DESIRED result of a relationship to be able to accept the ACTUAL result of that experience.

Step 4
With steps 1 through 3 completed, you are now ready to be tested! Yes, you’ve guessed it… step four is acknowledging that there is no longer a “situation.” During this process, you will be able to see if you have completely healed from the experience. If you have children or other circumstances that compel you to interact with the other person, and there is no negative feeling during that interaction, pat yourself on the back: you have successfully and completely healed from that experience. Maybe you can now hear about your ex, or talk about your shared experiences in a conversation without feelings of resentment. But remember: if ANY negative feelings arise before, during, or after the encounter, you may need to repeat some or all of these steps.

Healing doesn’t occur as quickly as some would like to believe: it takes effort and determination. This can be a very exhausting, compromising, and painful undertaking, yet it can yield a renewed interest in life, love and self. Consider taking these step to heal! The sooner you do it, the sooner you will be able to carry on with a happier life.

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