Are You Happy Enough?

35 Ways to Find Deeper Fulfillment

Happiness stems from different, personal actions and varies accordingly. First, there exists momentary happiness from activities such as attending a concert, buying new shoes, or completing an essay. Second, there is long-term happiness from accomplishments like getting married, graduating from college, or buying a home. Third, there is happiness achieved from something that transcends one’s self, such as donating money to a cause, supporting a campaign, or helping a friend in trouble. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Heller Keller believed that “True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” Accordingly, the third type of happiness, actualized from giving to others, is the type that will make you ecstatic. If you are happy but just not happy enough, consider involving yourself with any of the following altruistic, or selfless acts—big or small—that will give you an important purpose and deeper fulfillment in life.

1. Hold boarder babies at your local hospital.

2. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or food pantry.

3. Donate books to your local public library.

4. Be a “Big Sister” or “Big Brother” to a child who needs a mentor.

5. Use your professional training and skills to help other for free (pro bono work).

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6. Start a non-profit organization for a cause you deeply care about.

7. Adopt a child.

8. Teach a child to read.

9. Be a guest speaker at a school.

10. Donate money to your favorite organization.

11. Rescue a dog or cat from a shelter.

12. Pick up litter whenever you see it on the ground.

13. Buy something nice and needed for your local house of worship.

14. Contribute to a local school’s scholarship fund.

15. Be an anonymous donor for an online cause.

16. Help organize a seasonal, community event.

17. Become and organ donor.

18. Take a CPR class and get certified to save lives.

19. Sign up for to support classroom instruction.

20. Start planning a holiday event for your community kids.

21. Give blood, plasma, sperm, or eggs.

22. Clean abandoned gravestones.

23. Create a website to promote a cause that is special to you.

24. Provide sporting equipment to your local recreational center.

25. Start a neighborhood watch in your community.

26. Apply for the Peace Corps and help people abroad.

27. Join Teach for America (TFA) and commit to teaching in the inner city.

28. Learn sign language and become a translator for the deaf.

29. Organize an annual neighborhood clean-up day.

30. Choose a job with a higher purpose.

31. Put money in someone else’s meter when you notice it’s expired.

32. Give an arts and crafts lesson at a convalescent home.

33. Donate your old car instead of selling it.

34. Go back to college and obtain a degree that will allow you to help others.

35. Set a good example, and be positive in the face of adversity.

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Here were 35 tips to start you on the path toward deeper happiness. There are so many things one can do to help their family, friends, community, and world. Think about who you are and what you can do to help others. Using your skills will bring you fulfillment as well as satisfy your community’s needs. Happy giving!

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