Are You Cursed or Is it Bad Karma?

Are Things Going Wrong for a Reason?

Believing in curses or being under a dark cloud/having bad karma makes life easier. After all, it implies that we have absolutely no control over what happens to us and that anything bad or negative came from an outside source that we are equally as powerless over.

Personally, I don’t believe in curses, bad omens or karma. No, I do not believe that any current struggles are caused by something I did 10 lifetimes ago. And because I don’t buy into it, it doesn’t create more of it!

I believe that my mind creates my reality. My life circumstances are almost always in direct correlation to the headspace I am in. When I look back at miserable times as an adult, I can tell you exactly how my actions contributed to, or made them happen. So yes, we do create reality. We usually do create our circumstances and our possibilities or lack thereof.

See, my beliefs are somewhat of a paradox. I do believe in something bigger than me, but I do not rely on it or wait to be rescued by it. I don’t really believe in coincidence, but I also believe that sometimes stuff just happens. Good things happen to rotten people and bad things happen to amazing people. My brain is not highly developed enough to claim to understand what the purpose of everything is. I can sometimes see the path that lead to a certain situation, but usually, that path does not become clear until I am well on my way. While I am in the midst of the proverbial s***storm, things sometimes seem bleak, confusing and definitely anything but clear. Do you feel stuck in the mud? If you want help moving your life forward, talk with astrologer Psychic Alison ext. 9885.

These days, “experts” and those who claim to have the answers constantly fault us. Either we are considered negative when we are down, or we are considerate delusional when we are too positive. Hence, it seems that we cannot win, no matter what we do.

So how do we get past our most trying times without going crazy, thinking that we were cursed, have bad karma, and most importantly, without creating a pattern of more bad stuff? Well, that depends on us. I can share what works for me and why it works, but I am aware that this may not be the same for another. So here is a random list of actions I take when I am in a negative space:

Yoga—Nothing gets me out of a bad head space better than doing yoga. Yoga is not only good for my body, but it is excellent for my mind. It teaches me to be in the moment, gets rid of anxiety, anger or fear and makes me feel refreshed and energized. When I am refreshed and energized I can create and visualize.

Visualize and Network—The worst thing I can do is sit around, avoid everyone and do nothing. Therefore I visualize where I see myself and what I will be doing. Most importantly, I visualize how I feel while doing these things. I contact friends, business partners and whomever else I believe can offer some helpful and constructive feedback or advice, and I talk  to people who are where I want to be. If you need more help attracting positive experiences into your life, give Psychic Miss Krystal ext. 9192 a call. 

Don’t Beat Myself Up—When I’m down, I can generally attribute my mood to current events in my life. I don’t go back and dig up any old failures and bad times, just so I can wallow in my own self-pity or come up with an irrational belief of why I deserve what’s going on and how it was entirely my fault. I understand that what happened right now made me feel the way it did and give myself space to grieve, be angry, disappointed, or whatever else I may feel. I realize that this, too, shall pass, and when I do draw from the past, I draw from all the times I have emerged victorious, regardless of how bleak things may have seemed. I know there is the need for the occasional misery fest, where I sit around, cry into a pint of vanilla ice cream, blame everyone else and feel victimized. But, the more I practiced consciously choosing my emotions, the less time the pity party takes.

Laugh—I do anything I can to not stay in a bad mood. One of the best ways to make that happen is laughing. I find a funny movie or show and watch it. In addition, downers and miserable people, or those who trigger bad emotions in me, are not allowed. I generally don’t tolerate them in my life, period. But when I am down, I won’t tolerate any form of connection or communication with anyone who does not make me feel good about myself. The more you surround yourself with people who are good for your mind, body, soul and heart, the more you will become like them! Actions and emotions are contagious! Negative people breed negative behaviors and life situations, just like positive people breed the opposite.

Joyous Actions—Whatever makes me happy, I do it! Sometimes that means playing my favorite computer game for hours. Other times I just want to write, read or watch TV. Whatever makes me happy is allowed. Of course, yoga is on the top of the list.

Decisions—I choose not be helpless and powerless every time something goes wrong in my life. I have created the life I wanted and about 90% of the time I am successful and happy. I choose to not draw from the remaining 10%, which are not so successful or great. I choose to never give up and to see the glass as half full. No matter what happens, I choose what it does to me and how I perceive it.

The idea here is always the same. I am creating a new pattern, which then becomes my main mode, overwriting unhappiness and old, stuck patterns that no longer serve me.

We really do largely create our own universe. I know that what goes down comes back up and that the overall sum of my actions, thoughts, emotions and physical health create a consistent pattern of happiness and well-being.

Bad things happen. Sometimes, they seem to repeat themselves and other times they are so hard on us that it seems hard to get back up. But with an arsenal of tools and positive patterns that took me years to develop, I am able to strongly influence just how hard of a blow I am taking and how long I am beaten down by the things I have no control over.

In the end, we are defined by our consistent actions, especially in our darkest moments. We are defined by how we consistently treat others, in our best and in our hardest times. And the more we choose to engage in ways that honor our highest self, the more we will become it. So, when things go bad, realize that you always have a choice. The more you make the right choices for yourself, the more they will become who you are and lay out the path to your continued success in life.

2 thoughts on “Are You Cursed or Is it Bad Karma?

  1. Marina

    So you blame people for their own problems by telling them that they suffer because they do not think the right way or positively. You are not a psychic you are a psychopath and charlatan.

  2. Dracu

    I like the new pic, but it make me wonder what you are doing with your hands ??? I like the other one buacese it shows off your gorgeous legs..I agree that the way it’s cut out and placed looks odd..Maybe rotating photos every time we visit the site..or maybe every week so we get to see more pics of you..good luck with whatever ideas you come up with.


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