Alone at The Holidays?

Who says being single for the holidays is a drag? With no one to drag along with you, you won’t have to endure someone else’s mood or crazy family for that matter. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s Eve, this holiday may be your best ever. Plus, you never know who you’re going to meet!

Here are four good reasons to celebrate dodging the mistletoe.

1. Deck the halls
Being unattached is no excuse to not be festive and decorative. If you’re free on Christmas Eve, spend the night decorating a little tree or room in your house and reflect on all the magic in your life. Decorating your space is a way of affirming that celebration doesn’t wait until you join others to kick in. You – just you – are worth celebrating. Plus, you’ll never have more creative license. With no one around looking over your shoulder, you’re the sole proprietor of what goes where. Exercise your good taste (or eccentric preferences!). It doesn’t have to be lavish, intricate or time consuming, but find a way to make your space special with lights, candles, ribbon, folliage and more. If others are free last minute (you might be surprised at how many people don’t have plans, especially if they have to work that day), invite them over for some eggnog and have a trimming party.

2. Treat yourself!
Marketing and consumerism aside, this time of year will forever be evocative of shopping malls and gift shops, which can be cause for celebration in itself. As long as you’re careful not to overextend your resources, a little extra leisure time at the mall can garner the gifts and the lift that you need. If you wait until after Christmas, you can get some amazing bargains. Recent evidence links shopping to happiness – claims of its efficacy range from improving your mood to satisfying your libido – and good will and generosity also send a surge to your reward centers. So take some time and your wallet, and get yourself a massage and something shiny while you shop.

3. Make a plan
Being single during the holidays means the reigns are all yours. Celebrate your freedom to choose how you celebrate. It’s all about your family, your wants and the functions, foods and agenda you choose – even if that means being alone! If you’re looking to hook up, those parties with your friends of friends of co-workers are great opportunities to meet new people. Just don’t succumb to the pressure to partner off in honor of the season. Flying solo is a celebration in its own right. And since you’re defining what that season means to you, it’s the perfect time to start some new traditions that are all yours. Remember, New Year’s Eve is always a good time to fly solo to a big social event where you can look your best and be your most charming.

4. Hit the town
For starters, you can ring in a new tradition with a night out on the town. If the holidays are about acknowledging how very many things we have to be grateful for, why not go out into that world and collect a few more? Grab some friends and hit a favorite joint, festive shopping street and more. Get out in the streets and take in the lights. Celebrate your playfulness, your friends and all the new faces you’ll run into because you chose to be adventurous and available. You can always come home and listen to carolers later on.

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