Your LOVECAST™: A Clash of Wills Derails Romance

Passion is ablaze at the start of the week, but a clash of wills can derail romance. Saturday’s New Moon in Capricorn can clarify and strengthen your New Year’s resolutions. Think about what you want in 2009 and take some steps to make it happen!


Week of December 22 – 28, 2008

Sagittarius: A retreat for two makes passion soar on Monday and Tuesday, so plan a cozy rendezvous. Your powers of attraction draw admirers mid-week, but you’ll be playing hard-to-get! Feelings are more grounded by Friday night. Then Saturday’s New Moon brings out your sensuality, and your whimsical side makes flirting fun.


Capricorn: Look for romance during a friendly gathering at the beginning of the week. Your inner rebel can heighten or derail your relationship mid-week, when a change of perspective (about love?) may be needed. Friday night is lusty. Saturday’s New Moon heightens your ability to manifest your dreams – and makes you irresistible as well!


Aquarius: Romance is deep and tumultuous at the beginning of the week, when avoiding power-plays may be difficult. Friends bring adventure (and chaos?) mid-week. You’re feeling contrary on Thursday. The New Moon turns your focus inward beginning on Friday, when a relationship from the past may resurface (at least in your thoughts).


Pisces: Your mystique makes you hard to resist at the start of the week, so use your creativity to entice a romantic interlude. A career project can bring in someone special (and unpredictable?) mid-week. Activities with friends fire you up on Friday! This weekend’s New Moon brings romance and other opportunities through social gatherings.

Aries: A cozy encounter for two fires you up at the beginning of the week! Your need for freedom stimulates or aggravates romance mid-week. Also, you may get an intuitive preview of your future, so listen to your inner voice. Get real about love during this weekend’s New Moon, which also brings a new career cycle.


Taurus: Your partnership sector sizzles on Monday and Tuesday, so let your sexy beast out to play! Intimacy is unpredictable and exciting mid-week, when spontaneity makes passion percolate. Saturday’s New Moon offers a glimpse of your future love life, so heed your intuition. The urge to learn something new may arise as well.


Gemini: Passion is immune to logic at the beginning of the week, so access your instincts and enjoy! The urge to take extreme action can unhinge your relationship mid-week, but trying something different together can make passion sizzle. Intimacy can deepen after Saturday’s New Moon if you deal with blocks and fears to being close.


Cancer: Create an enticing boudoir ambiance to enflame passion at the beginning of the week, when you’re a magnet for romance! Flirting with a coworker mid-week may elicit a response you didn’t anticipate. The New Moon this weekend will help you attract or enhance an intimate relationship – if you can avoid a clash of wills.


Leo: Entertaining at your abode can accelerate romance on Monday or Tuesday, but a complication may need to be resolved. A lusty tryst gets you going mid-week, if you can handle an unexpected turn of events! Coming back down to earth in your relationship and discussing commitment can deepen your connection during this weekend’s New Moon.


Virgo: Some naughty flirting is the perfect way to heighten passion at the start of the week. A gathering at your home or interactions with a family member can bring unexpected results mid-week. This weekend’s New Moon can create the perfect mix of passion and stability in romance. Sunday is especially hot!


Libra: Secret desires come out to play on Monday and Tuesday, so access your inner depths to accelerate passion. Wordy wickedness makes passion sizzle mid-week! A trip for two can bring out your fun-loving side as well. This weekend’s New Moon gives you the urge to create a sensual ambiance for entertaining – and for romance.


Scorpio: You’re on fire at the beginning of the week, so plan a sexy tryst for two! Be open to attracting love if you’re solo. Your playful side makes passion soar mid-week. Look for a moneymaking opportunity, too. Words from the heart accelerate romance during this weekend’s New Moon. Promote your ideas at work as well.


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