Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

How to Shift from Frustration to Gratitude

We have all heard about the connection between energy, our emotions and how others and the world respond to us. When we feel good, we attract wonderful experiences and amazing opportunities, and when we are feeling bad and frustrated, well, we know that the day just continues along that path, or oftentimes, will continue to spiral downward into the abyss. It’s at times like these that we have the opportunity to make choices and become responsible for either leaving the swamp or staying stuck in the quagmire of impossibility.

One very simple and easy way to begin attracting happiness and awesome experiences when you are in the swamp is to quickly and honestly adopt an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for where you are in your life at this moment and for being able to see that there is somewhere else you wish to be. Awareness provides you with the opportunity to grow immediately and to learn something about yourself, others and life in general.

If you look at your life and are finding it difficult to be grateful for something, continue looking. Peel off each layer until there is some kernel to be grateful for. Perhaps it is a small thing. This small thing that you are grateful for, this tiny kernel, has the potential to grow into something huge and ever-expanding. Think back to the tiny seed of the great oak tree! It, too, had its beginnings in the tiniest of all forms.

I’ve learned that on those days where I am most frustrated, I will inevitably spill juice that stains my new blouse, come home to find that my dog has destroyed something or that an unexpected bill or expense has shown up in my life. In the past, this would have allowed me to go into that space of deeper frustration or anger. Fortunately, I have learned that what we think truly does matter and that it quickly turns into tangible, viable matter!

Acquiring the attitude of gratitude quickly changes my focus. My mood improves, my biochemistry is altered and my experiences change as quickly as a wind through the trees. Suddenly, I am able to take the focus off myself and turn it towards those around me. I begin to love life again and the people in it. They are all part of my creation.

So the next time you are feeling frustrated and angry, take a few moments out of being “on it” and “get off it” with an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness that you have the ability, the consciousness and the technology to create a life of abundance, love, health and wealth. It’s only an attitude away!

5 thoughts on “Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Amanda ext. 5605

    Chrissi, yes our moods swing like a pendulum… and as the pendulum swings from the ecstasy to the depths of despair, it can be swayed to remain in the higher frequencies through awareness and training. As soon as we feel the sadness and the despair, we can go to gratitude and it will allow our emotions to swing to the other extreme…. and then practice keeping our emotions on that side of love and above .Then the swings will not be so drastic and dramatic.

  2. Chrissi

    does that also mean that if you have mood swings like one day all seems wonderful and the next Murphy’s law reigns supreme- if you don’t fix it you can attract more of the same ?


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