Astrology for Women: How Will I Know My Love?

Finding your ideal mate, or even the love of your life, is made easier by looking to astrology.

Women Find Men on Mars

Different planets can tell us different things about ourselves. There are two planets that can help us predict who we are attracted to, and they are Mars and Venus. Men find their ideal woman by looking at Venus. Women can find their ideal mate by looking to Mars.

If you’ve had your astrological chart done, then you know what your Mars sign is. If not, ask one of our astrologers to help you find your Mars sign, so you can then see what type of man you’re most attracted to. For women, looking at your Mars sign tells you what you want in a man and will answer the question, “How will I know my love?”

Mars in Aries: Your ideal man is strong with an air of authority and he knows what he wants. You want to be swept up in love, carried by your man, of course.

Mars in Taurus: Your man is preferably strong like a bull on the outside and confident and soft-hearted on the inside.

Mars in Gemini: You care little about looks. For you, communication is everything. A man who is smart and witty with a great sense of humor is the man for you.

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Mars in Cancer: Your love doesn’t have to be a Greek god. More important to you is finding someone who is sensitive and compassionate, and if he happens to be hot too, so be it.

“By knowing what your partner is made of astrologically, you can better gauge your relationship.” – Quinn ext. 5484

Mars in Leo: Major confidence in a man is a huge turn-on for you. You like a man who crowns himself king, which means that you, as his lover, will be royalty as well.

Mars in Virgo: You like the blue-collar type even if he’s in a suit. You like a man with a sensitive heart who is also physically expressive.

Mars in Libra: Your ideal man whisks you right into his world. He’s a connoisseur and possibly the artistic type. He takes you into his confidence and keeps no secrets from you.

Mars in Scorpio: You’ll know you’ve found your love when you meet a man who’s hard-working and passionate. He sticks to his principles, he’s passionate about life and he’s committed to you.

Mars in Sagittarius: Your ideal man is physically oriented—perhaps a sports fanatic, and not the arm-chair type. He’s got a worldly view and hopefully the passport to match, and you’d love to join the journey.

Mars in Capricorn: You’ll know you’re in love when you find a man who is successful and smart, with an intuitive business sense. He makes you feel confident that he can handle any challenge.

“Astrology brings so much to the table. It gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484

Mars in Aquarius: It’s hard to describe your ideal lover since you prefer a man who can’t be labeled. The more controversial the better and you love to join him in taking big bites out of life.

Mars in Pisces: The only type of man that rocks your world is one with a sensitive personality. He has the heart of an artist and his words are poetry. You share dreams.

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20 thoughts on “Astrology for Women: How Will I Know My Love?

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  2. LJ Innes

    Dillah are referring to your Sun Sign or Mars Sign? Yes, Men’s version written on waiting in the wings for August – thanks for your comments everyone! As always – love and light

  3. vivirandall

    Re the comment Roman made on July 15, I agree, it would be interesting to read
    astrology bits for men so that as a woman I would get another viewpoint on just
    what my man is looking for, his needs and wants. Communication is the essential relationship
    tool but each sign has a definite way of responding. The more info you share regarding
    both sexes the better for all of us. thanks.

  4. jeannette

    where can i find my soulmate and when will he come my way I have not been in a relationship in 12 years I have had my life on hold…now i want some one to love and to love me for a life time…

  5. judith

    I Enjoye reading reading every day.I look forward to see what is next in ny agenda.I feel more secure about myself.and I know what I want.

  6. Roman

    To whom it may concern .
    Hello I am a middle aged man ,and I enjoyreading the material you people send to me. However sme of the materil is specificly written fo woman and targeted or woman. I am not a woman ,and I am hoping that you wil reais his and ake the correction ,and begin to send me the stories or prediction that are targeted towards men.
    Thank you


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