Access Your Creativity With Gemstones

Unleash Your Creative Flow

It takes courage to live creatively in this world. Sometimes it’s easy to be swayed by the opinions and thoughts of others before we try something new. But, inherently, you’re a creative person just by virtue of being yourself. By sharing your unique perspective on the world that no one else can share but you, you are always creative and original, because no one else is quite like you!

Creativity is not only linked to visual, dramatic, or written art forms. Living your life creatively can positively impact your family, job, and all those around you. For instance, your unique insights can inspire a new strategy at work. You can direct your inventiveness to arrange your home in a pleasing and inspiring way.

Gemstones are one tool that you can use to help you access and express more creativity in your life. Below are three steps to jump-start your creativity, with suggestions for companion gemstones that can assist along the way.

1. Clear out old limiting beliefs.

How can new ideas flow when you’re holding on to negative, limited, or just plain outdated beliefs? In addition to therapeutic techniques to help you recognize and release old thought patterns, it’s important to frequently do meditative exercises to release any detrimental energy stored in the lower chakras. Work with the intention that you are making way for uplifting inspirations to arrive!

• Sodalite is a gemstone that clears blocks to creative expression—especially writer’s block! It is often a mixture of colors, comprising deep blue, white, and black.

• Fluorite is a great gemstone for clearing your mind and helping you gain new clarity. It’s found in beautiful clear shades including green, blue, and lavender.

2. Set the intention to access a creative flow of ideas.

You can connect to your center, connect to your higher self, and connect to the Divine. All of these are paths to inspiration.

• The shimmery yellow-gold gemstone citrine helps you open to new thoughts.

• Iolite, a deep blue to violet gemstone, enlivens your creativity by helping you become more visionary. It is great for those who work in the visual arts.

3. Strengthen your ability to share your creativity with others.

Energize your solar plexus to gain personal strength as you bring your creative inspirations into reality, and invigorate the throat chakra to confidently share your creative life with others. These actions will keep you supported from a healthy and grounded place.

• The beautiful fossil amber augments self-confidence and creativity.

• Amazonite is a green gemstone that resonates well with the throat chakra. It strengthens communication, personal expression, and courage.

• Orange or red carnelian is a powerful gemstone that boosts all forms of creative energy, and also supports the lower chakras.

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8 thoughts on “Access Your Creativity With Gemstones

  1. marsha

    Oh yes, I’d love to have an article on opals, in particular. I love these stones, but hear that it can be bad luck to wear them (old wives’ tale?)….

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Erica,

    If possible, could you also consider writing a few words about moonstones, opals and labradorite in the future ????

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Oh goody !!! Another gem article !!!!! I love these, can you tell ?

    I own flourite, lots of citrine, and sunstone ( another unusual stone ) and alot of amber, both the gold and green amber.

    I learn so much from your articles, Erica, they are not the typical stuff you normally read about….your articles are unusual, interesting and informative. Please keep writing these.


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