9/11 Remembered—And Bad Charities Exposed

A Decade Later, Fraudulent Charities Brought to Light

Today is the tenth anniversary of 9/11—nobody could have seen it coming, and nobody could see the effects that it would have on the world, ten years on. A decade later, what’s changed due to this catastrophic event? Practically everything… and, as many will tell you, many of our efforts to right the wrongs of that day have backfired or worse. Take this recent article about the state of 9/11 charities… many of which turned out to be fraudulent:

The Huffington Post reports:

NEW YORK—Americans eager to give after the 9/11 terrorist attacks poured $1.5 billion into hundreds of charities established to serve the victims, their families and their memories. But a decade later, an Associated Press investigation shows that many of those nonprofits have failed miserably.

There are those that spent huge sums on themselves, those that cannot account for the money they received, those that have few results to show for their spending and those that have yet to file required income tax returns. Yet many of the charities continue to raise money in the name of Sept. 11.

One charity raised more than $700,000 for a giant memorial quilt, but there is no quilt. Another raised more than $4 million to help victims, but didn’t account publicly for how it spent all of the money. A third helps support a 9/11 flag sold by the founder’s for-profit company.

There are other charities that can account for practically every penny raised – except that all the money went to pay for fundraising, and not the intended mission.

To be sure, most of the 325 charities identified by the AP followed the rules, accounted fully for their expenditures and closed after fulfilling identified goals.

There have been charities to assist ill and dying first responders, to help families of the dead, to help survivors and to honor the memory of victims. And there are charities that revolve around the flag, patriotism, motorcycle rallies and memorials of all sizes and shapes.

What do you think—is there a deep Taoist lesson hidden in here somewhere? What can we learn about response to crisis and keeping our rational mind with us in times of emotional stress?

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25 thoughts on “9/11 Remembered—And Bad Charities Exposed

  1. Rhonda Two Eagle

    The impact of 09/11 has left many americans with the grave sorrow of losing their loved ones, and left a mark in american history that will be remembered forever; for not only has this day left a major change in our freedom and democracy as a people and as a nation, but now we have lost our freedom of voice in the public press, public radio and television or through the internet. Everything that was vital to our people as stated in the U.S. Constitution has been usurped to accommodate the “terrorism” threat. As Native American, this action in and of itself brings to mind the “ulterior motives” of only a few that can wreck havoc on a nation.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    ” There are those that spent huge sums on themselves, those that cannot account for the money they received, those that have few results to show for their spending and those that have yet to file required income tax returns.
    * Yet many of the charities continue to raise money in the name of Sept. 11 ”

    *Now…that’s some bad Karma.

  3. Dipendra Narayan Chowdhury

    I share my sorrow with all the family members of the victims of 9/11 terrorist attack and pray to God for them for their heavenly peace abode.
    With full of grief in mind.
    Dipendra Narayan Chowdhury
    (From India)

  4. Mary Lou

    On 9/11 Ten years after:

    Lives and dreams decimated by evil deeds, but there souls are now with God and immortalized by humanity forever.

  5. Nehla Zikria

    Whenever there is a crisis,charities spring up. When the Russian invasion of
    Afghanistan took place, charities sprung up all through out the world. However,
    the money many times did not go to help the Afghanis. Much corruption took
    place, and many of the middle men became rich. Another words, the money went
    somewhere it should not have gone to. And I think this is what happened in the case
    of 9/11 charities. An international monetary system should be set so as to monitor
    the charity funds so that the money for sure is allocated in the right places.

  6. Diane Crane

    it is not entirely true that no one could have seen the tragedy that befell 2,500 people who worked at the world’s financial district. There were two men who had a glimpse that terrorists would plot an attack by airborne methods: the 1993 attack on the WTC garage failed, after all by terrorist’s standards, even if a thousand or so people were forced to be held captive in their smoke-filled offices. The 1993 attack was a “shot across the bow” that we should have been more vigilant than we were. Mr. Lascorla (sp?) tried to get Witter Stanley’s offices moved because he felt that the towers were in imminent danger from another, larger attack. Mr. Hill and Mr. Lascorla went up in a plane over Manhattan to try to figure out what was the next target. Terrorists are very patient – never underestimate them!!

  7. Trisha

    this is so dumb when people do this. useing tragic events to gain charity for their own needs. its just plain selfish. god bless those who have fallen.

  8. Zulekha

    It’ssaid to learn that this is possible in the ‘First World ‘ country. I am from Africa and it’s common for people join the band wagon and use charity means to better themselves . I believe so much in Karma so if people misuse what’s not theirs it will come back to haunt them

  9. Evangeline Nyce

    My Heart Goes Out to All The Family’s Who Lost Loved Ones On That Awefull Tragedy.My Sisiter And I Were In New York 5 Years Ago And Went To “Ground Zero”.We Both Had Tears To See What Was Left Of The Twin Towers.We Plan To Go Back.God Bless All The Hero’s Who Helped The People Of New York.Your In My Prayers Every Day…Love&Prayers

  10. dedes

    I think Associaed Press should publish the names of the charities that did their work in really helping the victims and their families, so as to avoid those who are taking advantage of the situation. Look for a reliable organization/charities in your area where you can send your donations. People feel good inside when they know they have helped others in their own little way. God bless them all!

  11. ReikiGirl

    The biggest fraud that exists out this are the group of people that created and perpetuated 9/11 and have cleverly managed to stay out of the spotlight.

  12. Rich

    I’m not so sure that nobody could’ve seen it coming. Buried deep within the official 9/11 report are some interesting testimonies from FBI & CIA field agents that seem to strongly contradict that notion. The report concluded that it was lack of communication between intelligence agencies that led to the inaction that allowed this tragedy to happen. But according to the testimony of FBI agents, they were suspicious of the would be highjackers, & had more than enough cause to at least interview them, & put them under obvious surveillance, as early as July of 2001. Why wasn’t that done? They weren’t asked, but at least one of them volunteered that he didn’t know, & no one ever asked their superiors that question.

  13. Navoya

    If people, one by one, will change then every organization and institution will change on this Planet.
    Try to send Love no matter what.
    Even if you fail.
    Stand up and keep sending Love.


  14. evelyn klein

    After this fiasco of charities I think they should all be under one head and a limit set on how much personnel can collect for their salaries. If has to be run like the Salvation Army and account for every penny. No more of this the head of it receives millions of dollars in salary. This is called charity. Govt. has to step in and cut this fradulent activity and put it all under like the Salvation Army or another heading and do away with all the hundreds of charities that spring up during a crisis. Like Katrina, how many billions were lost, stolen, never accounted for.

    The American peole have got to get a back bone and stand up for what is right in this country

  15. margie

    Are these charities any different than a state lottery? As a resident of NYS, at conception, the NYS Lottery funds were to go to education. If that were the case, why are our school taxes so ridiculously high? Why do residents with no children or off-spring no longer in school have to pay school tax or at the least the full rate? I know that I’ve changed the subject, but it appears that fraud starts at the top. It’s also human nature to get away with as much as they can without penalty. On a more solemn note, I pray for the lives lost from the 9/11 attack. We can only count on ourselves to get through life!

  16. cecili

    Yes you said it in the last sentence. Keep your rational mind in times of emotional stress. If you need to feel better by giving then give to someone you know could use the help. Unless you know the charity is legit keep your hands in your pocket. And as always pray and meditate for those who lost their lives that they may have a peaceful transition. Just sayin.

  17. rosalind millson

    god bless all those involved today , my prayers are with you all ,the love you have is the strength you need to keep going and keep smiling ,may god always smile when he looks at you , protect you , and love you whole heartedly,take care and stay safe ,god bless you and yours
    rosalind x x x

  18. Steve

    It was 10 years ago today. It was a day when the whole world stopped and watched in awe. Those of us old enough to remember can recall exactly where we were, what we were doing, and how we felt. It was surreal in the extreme, full of shock and disbelief. The full horror of it came later in the days that followed. Hot on the coattails of that unimaginable event some people started conspiracy theories, whilst most called for retaliation. War became the inevitable outcome.

    “The War on Terror” is still being waged today against those we see as being opposed to the great American tenets; Truth, Justice, the American way, Democracy, Life, Liberty, and Hedonism. The Declaration of Intent has been forged and followed to the letter. And now, the world truly understands we will not back down. We will fight to the last man. We will die in Glory.

    Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori my arse!!! For 10 years we have been witness to the march through the Middle East on pretexts such as WMD’s, freeing nations of tyranny, and they are safe guarding the world against terrorist criminals. Our Governments have not once stopped to accept their responsibility for the cause of the saddest event in western history. Why are we under attack from these so called terrorists.

    We meddle in the affairs of others when they are of value to us, ensuring the flow of resources and technology well others are left to cope with whatever atrocity befalls them. Countries that have excellent trade relationships with the west have their dubious human rights records ignored and largely unreported. Even our own governments guilty of such crimes are not brought to charge. How many people faced war crime charges for torture and other human rights offences, just because they happened to our troops and supporters. One day we will face the music.

    I was and still am sickened by the futile acts of desperate men, I weep and mourn the people lost during the 911 attack, remember how dark that time was, and lament the loss of security we felt. But, I condemn those in power for never having learnt the lesson that we should have done then. We should stop interfering with other countries so we can continue raping the world to forestall our own inevitable fall from grace.

  19. Charmaine McDonald

    Subject 9/11: Only God knows what happened and why it happened. As for the funds raised, no one will ever know what happened to the money except God. I believe that time alone will heal the broken lives and God will turn all the sorrow and pain into joy soon. I pray for all the victims and their loved ones. Charmaine McDonald South Africa.

  20. Edie

    The emotions invoked in Americans after the 9/11 tragedy were bound to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals and charities. The world watched helplessly as the grieving family members of those who were lost appeared on TV, and we all wanted to help in some way.
    Donating money to the organizations that were formed to aid the victims seemed a rational and magnanimous gesture at the time. It assuaged our guilt and sorry to believe that were providing for the loved ones of the heroes that perished that day.
    In the true spirit of giving, one usually donates his time and/or money not only to give aid to others, but to foster a feeling of accomplishment and succor in his own heart for those less fortunate. Gifts offered with this sentiment in mind can never be regretted by the donor, as he is confident that he has done his best to ameliorate suffering. The best intentions sometimes do not yield the intended purpose, but we cannot fault ourselves for perhaps not being “rational” at these times.


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