7 Ways to Escape Your Reality

7 Ways to Escape Your Reality

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Do you feel like no one prepared you for adulthood? That’s because all of your years of schooling didn’t adequately train you to handle life’s responsibilities—everything from the expected to the unexpected. And it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been an adult; experience isn’t making your reality any easier. While reality isn’t something we can completely avoid, it is something we can escape as often as needed. From quick freebies to decadent splurges, here are seven great ways to escape your reality.

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For those of you who are spiritually inclined, meditation is a great way to escape reality. Meditation uses your mind to take you to a calm place. All you have to do is find a quiet spot, get into a comfortable position and think of nothing at all. If you need a little help, there are plenty of downloadable meditation programs for your phone and your computer. You can meditate to the sounds of nature, white noise, or try guided meditation. Need a little more action? Try walking meditation in nature. Focus on your steps and your breath as you walk. Focus on the beautiful nature around you. Clear you mind of all your trouble. Put reality on hold.


Escape reality by entering a totally different world—the world of books. Whether it’s an old favorite, or experimenting with a new-to-you genre, books are the perfect form of escapism. Wish you could walk the surface of the moon, have tea in Victorian England, or make love with the perfect man in a barn during a rainstorm? There’s a book for that. When you find a good book, you’ll devour it.

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Laughter is a form of medicine. More and more, we are learning that being happy has a positive impact on our physical and mental health. And there is no quicker way to feel happy than to have a laugh. So what makes you laugh? Is it a funny movie, a zany friend or a silly pet? Whatever tickles you, seek it out often.


For anyone who already drinks alcohol, drinking in moderation can be good for your physical and emotional health. Moderation for men is no more than two drinks a day and for women, it’s no more than one drink a day. A drink after a long day of work can relax you. A drink with friends can improve your mood and sociability. Moderate drinking can also lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and improve your libido. This isn’t an invitation to start drinking if you are not a drinker. But if you are a drinker, a drink or two can be relaxing and help you escape reality. But if you aren’t a drinker, there are plenty of other, non-alcoholic ways to escape reality that benefit your mental and emotional health.

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Whether they have scales, fur, feathers or fins, your pets are an escape from reality. That’s because they provide unconditional love and love spending time with you. Curl up with your cat on the couch, throw a ball for your dog, let your bearded dragon hang out on your shoulder, or sing a duet with your parrot. However you spend quality time with your pet, know that doing so is a great escape from reality.


Nothing takes you out of your reality like la petite mort. And you don’t need to be in a relationship to have one. Whether you are connecting with a partner or getting intimate with yourself, you really have to concentrate on the experience to get the desired result. You really have to put all your worries aside to escape the doldrums of your day-to-day in order to experience this sublime bliss. Having sex is kind of like an active form of meditation because it requires focus.

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Take a day-trip, hit the road for the weekend or plan something grand. Whatever time and budget allows, traveling is a literal escape from reality because you are going someplace else. Pick a place you’ve never been, pack your bags and tell reality to east your dust. Or, take a trip to a favorite spot filled with good memories. Was it a summer cabin on the lake with family? Was it a romantic trip to Paris with your honey? Think about when or where you were most happy and go to that place.

So how do you escape reality? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

6 thoughts on “7 Ways to Escape Your Reality

  1. Quinn ext.5484-Quinn Psychic ext 5484

    Love this article hats off to you Dania –

    No matter what form of Escape you use to defer from reality it can or will most likely bring you to a place where dealing with reality is much easier/clearer.

    All of the methods above are stress releases. Release stress and you open up more of you ability to think.

    Being an avid pocket billiard player for years has taught me how to do meditation in motion.
    when you totally focus on what you are doing no matter what, it takes you to another level of thinking clearing your mind so that reality becomes a joy.

    Buddha Bless ~

  2. Dan

    A massage, soothing or erratic music, cooking, pursuing bonsai, watching fish at an aquarium; private or public. Watch a “How to” video or “how it’s made”, draw/paint, write poetry to bring your thoughts and feelings to the surface in a constructive and perhaps influential manner.

  3. Theresa Hendrickson

    Getting lost in Music Take a nap take a Shower picking Flowers in the garden

    Playing Card games writing in your notebooks stare in Space in your head

    magazines video games coloring going to the Concert talking to your any pets

    playing any kinds of sports fruit smoothies at home and jamba juice Laptop

    and More Stuff

  4. SHOSHANA 6497

    Excellent, perfect terrific….exactly what I would have written……Meditstion is the most powerful medication…it’s not hard to do, imagine your spine the stem, your head the flower, sit straight, put timer on, close eyes…you got it


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