14 Signs You’re About to Have Great Sex

14 Signs You’re About to Have Great Sex

Is Great Sex On Your Horizon?

Despite what you read in magazines, putting too much emphasis on your body and technique when it comes to sex is a recipe for disaster. Why? Because it puts a lot of pressure on you to look and act a certain way, and it leads you to believe that you can’t have great sex if you fall short of this version of perfect. Well the way you look and the way you act have nothing to do with having great sex. Here are 14 signs that you are about to have great sex!

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It’s Your Favorite Song

According to scientists at McGill University in Montreal, music has the power to be as pleasurable as sex. So if you’re looking to get things started in the bedroom, play music that you and your partner both enjoy. It just might be the aphrodisiac you’ve been waiting for.

It’s Breakfast

The breakfast of champions may very well be sex. That’s because you start your day with high levels of testosterone, endorphins and oxytocin. So before you get your coffee and your eggs, and before you even get out of bed, have some great sex with your partner.

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It’s the Middle of Your Cycle

Research at the University of Bologna suggests that a surge of natural estrogen occurs around day 14 of a woman’s cycle. This results in a larger clitoris (by 20%), which means that your chances of a great orgasm and great sex should subsequently increase too.

You Just Finished a Workout

Exercise also increases the blood around your sex organs. It takes just 20 minutes of moderate activity to increase blood flow to the region by as much as 169%.

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You Had Great Sex Last Night

According to a survey, people who say they have great sex have a lot of sex. And if they think they are having more sex than most other people, they think they are having really great sex.

You Engage in “Choreplay”

According to the researchers at Cornell University and Georgia State University, partners who split the housework  also have the most sex—and enjoy it more too. So if you want to have great sex with your partner, consider doing the dishes first.

You Communicate

The best advice for great sex you will ever receive is one word: communication. Communicate with your partner and pay attention to visual cues. Know when something feels good to them and articulate what feels good to you. Every person is different, so what worked for one partner may not work for another. Be patient, curious and have a good (dirty) imagination.

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You’re Anticipating It

While impromptu sex can be great, there is something extra special about the expectation of sex. Dan Ariely suggests that expectation can heighten the enjoyment of anything, simply because it makes you slow down, think about what you’re about to do and immerse yourself into that experience. So plan an evening date with your partner and then think about the great sex you’re going to have all day!

You Talk About Sex

Partners who talk about sex have great sex. The more the talk about it, the more comfortable they are doing it. They are also less self-conscious about their bodies and open and willing to try new things.

Your Partner is Funny

Women love a man with a good sense of humor. In fact, a funny guy makes them feel more comfortable and they’re more likely to initiate sex with a funny guy than with a guy who lacks comedic timing. This proves that you don’t have to be serious to have seriously great sex.

You’re Left-Handed

As reported by Time magazine, out of 10,000 people surveyed, left-handed lovers were 71% more satisfied with their sex life than right-handed individuals. Whatever the reason for this, you shouldn’t think twice about getting between the sheets with a southpaw for some great sex.

You Run Marathons and Like Grilled Cheese

Marathon runners who love grilled cheese have great sex, according to two separate surveys. Pass the cheese, please!

You Get Nervous

Anxiety is rarely a good thing—except when it comes to great sex. Anxiety heightens your awareness, anticipation and exhilaration, and those same feelings make sex more arousing and pleasurable.

You’ve Created a Deep and Lasting Bond

People who like hookups do feel good while hooking up, but those who don’t do hookups enjoy sex a whole lot more with someone who they’ve created a deep and lasting bond with. In fact, waiting to have sex with someone until a spiritual bond has been established makes sex better, more erotic, uninhibited and mutually satisfying.

12 thoughts on “14 Signs You’re About to Have Great Sex

  1. writeous

    I AM intentionally blessings, thankful for, and loving ALL the love making & sex I have been blessed to enjoy/intend to enjoy throughout my lives, including all involved infinitely, eternally, NOW, easily and effortlessly.

  2. Quinn ext.5484-Quinn Psychic ext 5484

    Namaste – Liam, Gina Rose, and Marc from the UK Mwah!!!!
    so good to see you all.
    Buddha Bless,
    -Quinn 🙂

  3. SHOSHANA 6497

    Your comments have validity. I come from 500 hrs. Of Professional Yoga Therapeutic training. I take into account “Intimacy Sexuality” My experience, over 50 yrs doing psychic readings, are clients with pain in their soul are interested in Assuaging…and bringing peace. The reason they call us, i hope, not to learn more techniques for great sex. This article, to my own opinion, was in poor taste. I was hoping our Blogs would bring enlightenment and information, but I certainly could be wrong. My clients, call me for peace, help, enlightenment.
    For “great sex” that’s what got them to me, to remove their suffering, and bring peace.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I like a funny man, and if he’s furry, all the better…..LOL

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    Good comments….even in my ancient religion, spirituality and sex , go together and are important.

  5. Liam - ext 9290

    Oops … In my blog comment, I had a few errors at the start of para two. The first sentences should read ‘In the ancient world, there was far less a differential between the spiritual and the supposed mundane.’ Sentence two should be, ‘Sex was seen as not only a spiritual act, but a sacrament and conduit to perception alteration and understanding of the unitive aspect of divinity …’ Or something like that. That’s what I get for trying to write blog comments so early in the AM. In any case, once again, Quinn, your observations rock.

  6. Liam - ext 9290

    Quinn, I wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed your response to the reader’s inquiry. As always, you are insightful, and bring with you so much knowledge germane to the topic. I know from your past articles that you are familiar with mystical concepts perhaps not so influenced by western philosophical standards … Such as Unitive Mystiscm.
    In the ancient world, there was far less a differential between the material and supposed mundane. Sex was seen not as only a spiritual act, but a sacrament and conduit to perception alteration and understanding of the unitive aspect of divinity … All things are one with God, there is no separation of spirit and flesh or matter. In the Temples of Aphrodite these rituals were performed, and a white cone was used to represent the Goddess and the sex act as gateway to divine understanding. A triangle represented Her on Cyprian coins. But the cone holds a deeper mystery too … Sex is the conduit force to understand the mystery … But the mystery itself is that all things are of spirit, and understanding this is a matter of perception. Yogas are weddings and unions of opposites which are keys to observing that opposites do not exist.
    Good for you, Quinn. I hope you have been well.

  7. Showers

    Disappointing this is to describe sex as loveless. look forward to true love soon. Too many go for debassing themselves for the pleasure of what? Self gratification?
    Clearly this is someones incapacity to love due to a dysfunctional codependent life of insecure realities of intimacy?
    Once the dysfunction fits it fits and nothing is true anymore…

  8. Brendan

    Um, I think Sex is an extension of ourselves(Much like other things), and that if you feel something, then you should do it to its fullest extant, and in this way making love can be like turning on a light..which as a ray, goes straight to the depths, of the rim of matter itself..which can be beyond apearances..and in that ray does your lover shine Goddess light..and that is the Abalone of Sex, which is that positions are marked with an either or significance.. or a simile in which one side is at rest and the other is in activity, or a black white frequency, of touching or gentle nudging..the reasons going on in the bedroom are akin to light..which radiates at a temporal frequency..and this is the knowledge of the Kama Sutra..which is to extend yourself through out all the outgoing crazy antics and exhibitions of a sexual ritual or identity..and in this way do the Shchema Ninjas seduce men..in a trap called the sexual Chocolate of New Becoming..and the nude body is within the female nude..as an artist..i am here to surrender to my own identity, which is totally encapsulated by the female darkness..or a female light..which is a positive way of identifying with ones self.. and in this way do i succumb to the hidden desire of Orgasming, and the Decision to be like a Genie in Bed, who grants all the wishes that a Woman(Lesbian) Wants..and in this way is darkness made more apparent than light..which is that it reveals an innner erotic Creativity..and the blow of the Bellows..is a harsh nuance in the Crucial Fisting of the night..which can in return, be like creating light, or a child..and that is what the Eggs of a Womans Uterus or Ovaries are..indeed like a calculus of atonement.., where in is all the pleasure left as an undisclosed object, and that the seed which is sperm is entering into Ejaculation the common pretendings of the common misuse of the stone..which is that all mistakes are because lack of awareness..or fear or unnurtured desire..and this is what is like to be the One..in Bed and out in the Public..which is always a call to be more nude than in any reality TV Show..or the mourning of a net couhg of News, which in its honest hubris can bring desire to the forefront… of the continuing of the mainstay which is a sexual endeavor..

  9. Dan

    It’s a sweet take in the ideology of sex and passion. In fact I think I’ll go watch Cinderella after writing this, since we live in such a parallel universe where reality is reflected by ideology. Please, you know the dating scene has fabricated it’s own “system” of escaping reality to where all bats are off when it comes to what should happen in an otherwise sexual scenario. It’s about what the dating world will let happen. Then they blame it on science.
    Think about it. There is hardly any communication anymore, no reciprocation, and no rationality. THIS is the matrix yet to be exposed in the big picture.

  10. Quinn ext.5484-Quinn Psychic ext 5484

    dear Suzanne Sylvere,

    relationships are a big part of the questions us readers get in the psychic realm.
    sex is a big part of love and relationships.
    spirituality and love via sex go together. there are many, many books of the topic, tantric yoga,
    proper breathing so that your hearts can beat together, this takes lots of practice and mindfulness which is a psychic/spiritual thing.
    there is mindful sex and mindless sex. both are excellent –

    old fashioned-ness and the real world are part of sex, love and mystic energy, psychic energy, and ones spiritual life, they all work together.
    there is a whole lot of sex in religion and spiritual practices.
    sex is not always an expression of intimacy or trust –
    and by the way – fashion rags have horoscopes in them about relationships/sex –

    life – love – and learning how to be the best you can be is what our blog articles are about.

    bringing about enlightenment is always within the scope of the articles. some look for enlightenment on the outside of themselves yet enlightenment is on the inside of each of us. we share in hopes of helping others to realize their own enlightened nature.

    from a long time article writer for the CP blogs ~
    -Quinn ext. 5484

  11. Suzanne Sylvere

    Is this Cosmopolitan or a Psychic Blog? This forum I thought was to bring enlightenment, and spiritual connection. To my taste, personally, this is out of context as I would never consider calling a psychic for sexual advice.Am I old fashioned, or living in the real world, where sex is an expression of Intimacy, and trust.


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