7 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Your Survival Guide for a Happy Holidays

Tis’ the season of emotional roller coasters, exes and family nostalgia. But you can make the most of this time by being emotionally prepared for every experience headed your way. Here are seven tips to help make your holiday season the brightest yet.

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Honor Your Feelings

If you are in the mood to cry, let the tears flow. If you don’t honor your emotions they will just form little knots of energy in your body. Usher in those emotions with heartfelt music. Let the sadness wash over you and cleanse you of the fear of grieving. Laugh when you find something funny! Raucous laughter is extremely appropriate during a season of mixed emotions like the holidays. Honor anger, by snarling and punching pillows. Give yourself space to rage AT HOME. All of your feelings during the holidays are valid, so ride the roller coaster of emotions and stay present with yourself.

Don’t Remix an Old Relationship

If you think the holidays are going to change your ex, think again. All the snow in the world won’t turn this stale scenario into a viable relationship. Relationships have to be of value to be worth your time. If this person put you through hell all summer, what makes you think they are any more serious because the temperature has dropped? If you are going to try and rekindle a relationship during the holidays, it should be with the full understanding that once the seasons change, the relationship might too. When you link up with a person in the midst of a void, you run the risk of the void resurfacing.

Get Plenty of Rest

It’s okay to work the bare minimum required during the holidays. In the Western United States it’s the winter season. Nature is moving a bit slower than usual during these times, so why wouldn’t humans follow suit? Slow down and on your days off of work spend a little extra time resting. It will actually save you money in the long run. A nap is definitely cheaper than a trip to the spa.

Don’t Avoid Arguments

If you know your sister wants to have it out with you, have the confrontation. Talk straight to her face and tell her how you feel. When you expose feelings, the chances of healing them are greater. Have that difficult conversation and accept what happens when authentic feelings fly. You will enjoy telling the truth. You will enjoy hearing the truth from your loved ones. Just stick to the facts and enjoy a healthy dig into the complicated web of your family’s issues. Pass the stuffing and the emotions this season.

Stay Grounded

Don’t get so caught up in the stress of having a successful holiday that you forget to honor that fact that in the grand scheme of things, it’s still just one of 52 Thursdays that we have been gifted this year. If the turkey burns, you can still eat the mashed potatoes. If you decide not to take anyone up on their invitation for tempeh stuffing and salad, don’t feel bad. Stay grounded in the reality that this is still a weekday and in 24 hours the holiday will be just another memory.

Stay Flexible

Whether you are traveling far or near, stay flexible. Some people are really rigid about time and it adds a tremendous amount of stress to something that is supposed to be enjoyable. Time is a man-made construct so don’t let it or the man-made concept of expensive holidays ruin your winter. Take all the time you need to get wherever you need to go! Don’t rush and if you have any friends or family who are ridiculously precise about time, let them know you will be late just because you felt it’s what’s best for you. Have no remorse for refusing to rush. You will feel fine showing up when you are good and ready.

Stay Clean

If you have an extended time off of work, make sure to thoroughly clean your home and your body. Your shower time is sacred and not to be missed no matter how cold it is outside. Use any high quality citrus scented shower gel to boost your mood. Sweep your floors, vacuum your carpets and keep your kitchen clean. Your outside reflects your inside so keep it together.

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2 thoughts on “7 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

  1. lo

    I do not agree with “show up whenever you are ready” I don’t think so – that is so rude to be late for a sit down dinner. If it is a casual open house then absolutely but for a meal that has been planned you should be on time or simply decline and come for dessert.

  2. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    “Your shower time is sacred and not to be missed no matter how cold it is outside.”

    I can’t agree with this more!! Bathing or showering is so important, not only for reasons of physical hygiene, but because I visualize any impurities in my energy, emotions or even vibes that I have picked up from the outside environment literally washing off me and down the drain, leaving me fresh and clean.

    Brightest blessings,

    P.S.: I also prefer citrus scented gel and for the exact reason you mentioned 🙂


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