7 Lucky Ways to Feel Fortunate

Change Your Outlook on Life: Optimism 101

Optimists tend to look on the bright side. They value lemons for their awesome flavor and feel grateful that their glass is half full, never nearly empty. Looking at life optimistically can impact both mental and physical health. Balancing your optimism with realism keeps you stay in tune with the universe, and a positive mental attitude can bring you good fortune in business and in love. Try these seven lucky keys to unlock a new you.

1. See the positive in everything. If your lover walks out, you can wail and weep, or embrace the opportunity to find a better match or a chance to get to know what you really need in a partner.

2. Take a risk. Don’t always make the safest choices—step outside your envelope of comfort. Financial advisers tell clients to take the biggest acceptable risk. Decide what you can tolerate, then take your giant leap, always expecting to fly.

3. Be ready to change for good luck. Get out of that rut! See the world from a new point of view and be willing to reach inside yourself for a different perspective when you make choices. Try out skills you’ve never tested before.

4. Investigate the unusual. When opportunity knocks, answer the door. Serendipity is the discovery of something rare and valuable, be open to serendipity when you are confronted with something out of your ordinary.

5. Go looking for failure. Never be reluctant to try something because you fear failing. Failures and mistakes almost always give rise to our greatest successes. Treasure them as teaching moments.

6. Have a look at your horoscopes, numerology reports, past life readings, and any other form of interpreting your opportunities. You can control your destiny by believing in your own good fortune.

7. Be a little superstitious—take advantage of good fortune and positive omens. For example, a recent Psychology Today article said some birth months are apparently luckier than others. People born between March and August feel themselves to be luckier than those born September through February. Summer babies grow up more open-minded, less neurotic than winter tots. “May,” says the article, “is the luckiest month of all, so if you want a fortunate kid, try to get lucky in August.”

In a nutshell, turning your hopes skyward and putting your aspirations among the stars will take you a lot further and make you feel a lot better about your world.

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  2. Brian

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  3. Jennifer Colledge

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