De-Stressing Tips by Your Sun Sign

No one is immune to stress, in one form or another. Cell phones, bossy bosses, demanding boyfriends, family dramas, paparazzi, you name it: everyone from royalty to rubbish haulers knows some sort of stress that they live with on occasion. Stress can be good in some instances; it gets your adrenaline flowing and ideas popping, but the kind of stress we’re talking about is the kind most of us could do without. So how do we dispel the evil stress monster? Let’s take a look at your sun sign for the key to unlocking the stress and feeling a little fun and freedom.

Aries: You need to do something interesting and intensive. How about a road trip—turn off the Blackberry, turn up the tunes and hit the road running. Then again, a rousing romp in the bedroom is also a viable distraction.

Taurus: A cozy couch all to yourself and a good movie will soothe your inner savage beast, or maybe just go splurge on that Coach bag you’ve been eyeing.

Gemini: Talking or texting with a close friend, having someone you can blab to, will distract you from your tensions, as will reading, writing or any form of communication. Get a change of scenery.

Cancer: Don’t hide in your shell. Better to spend time with a good friend, like a fun-loving Pisces. You just need a little distraction, and maybe a bowl of ice cream.

Leo: Surround yourself with people that love and admire you. Like Pisces, Taurus and Libra too, music calms your nerves and lifts your spirits.

Virgo: Rip apart that attic and tackle that clutter in the garage. Busy hands keep the Virgo mind from wandering too deep into a problem. Nothing can faze an organized Virgo.

Libra: It takes a lot to get under your skin, but it can happen. Let your significant other or a close friend take you to a charming restaurant with soft lights and music creating an atmosphere of balancing tranquility.

Scorpio: Being near water, a beach, a lake, will soothe you and help you regain perspective. Plus, you need your alone time, in order to get back to your old self again.

Sagittarius: Your best bet is some outdoor activity. Hop on a horse or a Harley and get your mind and motor running. The fresh air will do you good, no matter how temporary.

Capricorn: Luckily, as hard as you like to work, you also like to play hard, and that’s just what you should do. Tear yourself away, and come back ready to take on the world.

Aquarius: Call a few good friends and have them meet you for happy hour, share some gossip, or try a little retail therapy.

Pisces: Like your fellow water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, you “feel” everything. Create a fantasy world around you where you slay the hairy stress monster and save the day for everyone in your watery world.

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2 thoughts on “De-Stressing Tips by Your Sun Sign

  1. misskrystal

    I loved this. I could relate to them all, they are all wonderful suggestions.
    Fun! Thanks, Miss Krystal


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