6 Procrastination Busters

Tips to Get Moving On

The one thing a perfectionist and a lazy person have in common is procrastination. The perfectionist always wants to do it perfectly or not at all, and the lazy person just keeps putting things off. Believe it or not, both types of thinking can lead to procrastination which can eventually lead to feelings of being over-burdened, overwhelmed and even agitated.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” By putting things off, you may be buying time in the present, but it may leave you scrambling later when more things pop up.

Here are six procrastination busters that will get you moving when you need to so you can relax when you want to.

1. Do just one thing. Procrastination can give you that anxious feeling, that leaves you staring at your “to do” list like a deer in headlights. Do just one thing on that list, even if it’s the smallest, quickest, most inconsequential thing on it. Crossing it off the list will give you that empowering rush of accomplishment, making you want to do more.

“It’s all about distraction.” – Shyla ext. 5431

2. Skip the commercials. You may reward a hard day at work with a trip to the couch to catch up on all the latest TV has to offer, but what about those commercials? Use commercial time to empty the dishwasher, take out the garbage or throw a load of laundry in the washer. When your show resumes, you can plop yourself down again and relax, and you’re still getting stuff done.

3. Reward yourself. You and that chocolate chip cookie have been flirting with each other for hours. Bargain with yourself that you can eat that cookie, but only after you clean out your closet and box up some clothes for a local charity. After that, it’s all about you and the cookie. Enjoy.

4. Turn up the tunes. As Madonna would say, “Dance and sing, everybody get up and do your thing.” Put on some loud music, something with a little kick to it that makes you move. No one has to know you danced with a vacuum. Two for one bonus: In a short 20 minutes, you can cross vacuuming and cardio workout off of that to do list.

5. Imaginary company. Pretend your new boyfriend just called from his car, down the street, and he’s got a friend with him. You’d be surprised what a motivator imaginary company can be. Plus, if real company shows up unexpectedly, you’re prepared.

“Guilt is living in the past, anxiety is living in the future; live in the present.” – Blythe ext. 5339

6. Clear your head. Moving at a snail’s pace? Can’t get motivated? When procrastination settles in, just go outside and take a short walk or drive, breathe in fresh air. Doing something as simple as getting out of your own head for a while can beat down that procrastination monster. Wipe the slate clean, and see all of your obligations in their true perspective and priority.

Whether at work or at home, it’s worth it to try one or all of these 6 suggestions. Nothing feels better than getting things done.

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15 thoughts on “6 Procrastination Busters

  1. mymomma'sgirl

    Right on!!! The music is one of my favorite’s. I had a booth in an antique mall for 12 years.
    When I would go there to straighten up, add new items, etc., the music playing on the speakers determined how long I would need to be there because if it had a good beat, I worked faster; a slow beat and I poked. It got to where I would go to the check-out and request specific music. If I’m not motivated at home for the chores at hand, my hand goes to the radio. Works every time. The other suggestions are great also and I have probably used each of them once or more. Overall great ideas. Thanks.

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  3. Electra11

    Good advice, but the ability to kick oneself in the rear and moving is key. My problem isn’t the TV commercials – I’ll do anything not to watch. It’s to move away from this computer while in full knowledge tasks are piling up!

  4. guy-kelly polkinghorne

    you are very close. *I lost my brother 4 months ago . Iwas takeing cair of hin fore the last 15 years. After brining him back from deth about 6 times.But this time with every efort I coud muster up and all my first aid training I cod not bring him back.I spent at least 1 hour doing mouth to mouth & hart palvitations & then the pairamitics spent an hour in front of me on him but it was to late .Every time Itry to get going on our projects . I seem to get cold away and (I go).I am trying very hard to stop that know .So two days ago I desided to Pick my salf up &dust myself off. And just do one thing at a time. And start acomplishing one thing every day .I say to my self I will go forwerd . I will sucseed . Nothing will stop me. because my name is Guy-kelly Polkinghorne. And then I walk out of the offec and start my day.So fare So good .God bless & have a grate day.LOVE from Jetsonic of canada. And keep up your POSITIVE words for everyone.I hope you can now see that your words trouly halp peaple when thay are down. THANK YOU

  5. Ernestine Hronas

    This morning I had one of my unknown words to crop up, “mo vada,” motivate I guess. You sent this on it’s way. Dancing with a broom was my favorite way of cleaning house throughout my youth, I believe it will still work, and it’s so much fun.

  6. guy-kelly polkinghorne

    you are very close .I lost my brother 4 months ago .I was taking car of him for the last 15 years . after brining him back from deth about 6 times .but this time with every efort i could muster up & all my first aid training I cod not bring him back.I spemt 1 hour doing mouth to mouth $ hart palvitations & then the paremetics spent an hour on him but it was to lait.every time i triy to get going on our projects .Iget called away (and i go) I am triying to stop that now . so two days ago i desided to pick my self up & dust my self off and just do one thing at a time .and start acomplish one thing every day .I say to mysalf I will go forward ,I will sucseed ,nothing can stop me .because my name is GUY-KELLY polkinghorne. and I walk out of the office and start my day so fare so good. God bless & have a grate day . love from Jetsonic of canada and keep up your positive wordes for everone. thank you.

  7. Sally

    This piece of advice is exactly what I do to overcome being a perfectionist. I get tons done everyday but I already have my list made out for tomorrow for things I didn’t finish today so I can have a life. I can’t imagine living any other way. The list, the finish job and then finally the rewards.

  8. Ramesh Pandey

    Today I feel that i have lost too much time as sitting lazy man. I should do some thing small. definitely now I will start doing some thing .I am kind of you.

    Ramesh Pandey


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